Sunday Musings, Sept 21

Dec 19 2017, 11:41 am

So Serena Williams was in Vancouver this week. Is this an important news story such that it warrants the front page cover on The Province? The rumour is the African queen was here with her boyfriend Common. Front page material, I think not.

However, this story is definitely front page material. The now defunct Dragon Driving School article is a constant reminder as to why Vancouver is disproportionately represented by bad drivers. I am reminded by a bumper sticker I once saw recently which stated “I survived a drive through Richmond” truer words have never been spoken err…written on a bumper sticker.

So this past week I was able to catch the Raconteurs, Common & N.E.R.D at the Malkin bowl at Stanley Park. It makes me wonder why more headline concerts aren’t booked there. It is a great venue. Hip-Hop pot heads Method Man and Redman were at Plush this past Thursday. Tonight, Alicia Keys brings her majestic soulful voice the Orpheum tonight, last I heard a few tickets are still available. It seems Vancouver is finally upping its game as more artists are touring through our fair city. Could this be because artists need more $$$ due to decline in CD sales?

Lets do a quick political roundup. As much as I’d like to see Barack Obama to be the next president, the fact that he is black will play a role. As you know that many Caucasians in the States would vote in a dog before they have a black president. Egregious. There is just too many closet rednecks that in a tight race like this one people would rather vote for an old white guy that will probably die in the oval office than an energetic, rationale black man. Fucktarded, No?

In our home and native land our election is coming soon and well I don’t know about you but I can’t stand to watch any of the coverage on television. Compare CNN to CBC and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’ll stick to gathering facts from other more appeasing to the eyes sources. On a side note I didn’t know Jack Layton had a side job as a computer professor. Well he needs to fill his time because it looks like the Conservatives will retain their minority government.

As for the Lotus land political race, the NPA pulls out the race card, banking on the 49% or so of the city population that isn’t white. About time someone in the civic election realized that this is a diverse city. Will it work, only if they aren’t too busy working to vote. As you know immigrants work two jobs to provide for their families and do the jobs deemed to be to good for people like us. Complete fuckery on the part of us white folk. But hey there’s always welfare, right.

With the US economy on the brink of destruction the US government swoops in and saves the US so it can live an another day. Many will state that money is the root of all evil and led to the eventual demise of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers. Thats not true, it is greed that is the root of all evil, money is just the device. Greed is why communism will never work, sorry anarchists. Lets face it we live in a quasi capitalist society sprinkled with elements of socialism. Every 10 years or so American greed and arrogance fucking back fires on them, however this time it took down peoples 401(k)’s with them. Egregious asshattery at its finest. But don’t worry the Middle East and Chinese control most of your prized assets now. The very people you despise most, Odd no?

If readers are wondering how I faired in the stock market this past week you shouldn’t. The Urban Dweller made off like a bandit this week in the markets up almost 12% for the week. Those are Money J Skeets like numbers. My Voodoo powers were out in full force this week.

Last weekend it looked as though we were still in summer, however it seems as if fall is now upon us, soon the leaves will be falling off the trees and covering up the sewage drains. Enjoy your Sunday, I’ll be catching up on Heroes and getting ready for the start of season 3 tomorrow.

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