Sunday Musings: One Step at a Time

Dec 19 2017, 3:53 am

This was just one of those crazy busy weeks for us at The Buzz, signing sponsors, working on some more profiles and all the while making sure this is the best damn Halloween site in Vancouver. A tall task when all our writers work 50+ hours a week. Further, to be the best site for Halloween we had to give a little back and yesterday we announced the winners of the Potters House of Horrors contest. Congratulations to Erin, Ron and Mandy! You beat out many people and won yourself a pair of tickets to the Potters House in Surrey. If you didn’t win, fear not we got a few more contests up our sleeve for our loyal readers in the coming weeks.

Of course a week couldn’t go by without me poking fun at the idiots who think they are going to get the public support by “disrupting” the Olympics. Yeah I’m talking to you Resist 2010, last I checked the people of Vancouver voted for the Olympics. Why not get off your lazy ass and do something productive. Oh and by the way brainwashing the youth is not deemed productive, dickheads.

Friday night we had the Jay-Z concert (see our review of the Jay-Z concert at G.M. Place below). One word comes to mind, epic. Empire State of Mind is one awesome tune. At first I was kind of upset that I’d miss the Canucks, Flames game. Then the boys went down by five goals and I wasn’t upset anymore, well I was upset but at that point for a different reason. They bounced back with a solid effort last night though so I guess all is well.

Yesterday while Money J and I where plotting world domination, we stumbled upon a great revelation, in a mere 14 months we’ve exceeded all our goals for this site. One step at a time and we will dominate. Furthermore, while chilling at Money J’s I realized that all of Vancouver’s firecrackers and fireworks are set off in the south east side. Just remember folks you need a permit.

Happy Diwali everyone and congratulations Vancity Allie!

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