Sunday Musings: November 9, 2008

Dec 19 2017, 11:43 am

This week I was supposed to be preoccupied with a plethora of models wanting a piece of me, however, work was a little crazier than usual. About an 80 hour work week crazy, lets just say I earned my salary this week.

Instead the models gravitated towards Skeets as he wandered the VFW show floors. Apparently Vancouver Fashion week was a little good and a little bad. Money J did say that it wasn’t as organized as he’d hoped. When Skeets says that you got some issues that need to be taken care. The weather probably didn’t help either.

Moving on, talking ’bout politics, the race for city hall is on. Ladner has a lot working against him, the “bailout“, Sam Sullivan, homelessness amongst other issues. Robertson should be able to coast to victory in my estimation. Vancity Buzz will keep you informed and filter out the political bias displayed by other when it comes to the municipal election.

With gas prices under a buck (2004 prices and expected to go lower) does that mean that Carole James will finally shut up about the carbon tax. You know the one that is revenue neutral. I guess she never got the memo.

Mahatma Ghandi. Martin Luther King. Barack Obama? Will Obama be held in the same regard for the advancement of the human race as the other two that came before him. Only time will tell. At least that old “asshat” John McCain didn’t get elected. That would have been a travesty.

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