Sunday Musings

Dec 19 2017, 11:39 am

With Money J Skeets studying and Vancity Maverick polishing his “pistol”, the Urban Dweller will have to carry this blog for today. Many people have wondered where The Schwab is, last I heard he was in Chinatown eating a copious amount of fortune cookies. So he and his “superior” knowledge of sports won’t be found today, much to the chagrin of our sports enthusiasts. The Suburban Don is touring the city and visiting the many children he fathered outside of wedlock. Egregious.

This past week on Thursday, I ran into a few tourists who frequent the Blenz on Burrard and Robson. They were from Winnipeg and have been to Vancouver numerous times. Finally, they’ve decided to move out here. Naturally, they couldn’t afford a house within city limits, their budget was more suitable to live out in the valley. I told them to go check out Surrey, Langley and hell even fucking Abby. The next day at the same Blenz they were laughing and told me they’d rather live in Winnipeg than out there. I couldn’t blame them. They decided they would downsize to a condo just outside of downtown. To all those valley folk claiming an unfair biased towards them on this website, look even Winnipeggers don’t wanna live out there. Fucking hilarious. Seriously you can’t blame them though.

The Urban Dweller is heading out to enjoy whats left of this day. I’ll leave you with a photo I took a few weeks ago of a real city.


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