Solve these top 5 summer hair problems with these simple hacks

Dec 19 2017, 9:27 pm

Bad hair isn’t a good look for anyone.

After a few hours in the summer’s hot heat your “beachy waves” are doomed to become an unsightly rat’s nest, creating the illusion that you just got booted from the island in Survivor. Your forlorn friends do their best to fix the problem only to abandon ship, leaving you with greasy, tangled tresses.

This is only one of the hair problems you’re likely to suffer from during the summer months. But fear not – here are five handy hacks to tackle your summer hair nightmares.

1. Split ends

It’s funny how you notice your split ends right before a big event. Often there’s not enough time to book a hair appointment, meaning you’re forced to fend for yourself. Our solution is super easy: smooth your hair so you can pin it up into a faux bob. Grab Revlon’s one-step IONIC to create this timeless Hollywood look. This tool is the first of its kind since it offers the power of a dryer and the precision of a styler to achieve that smooth salon hair. Run it through your hair, tuck your ends under with some bobby pins, and finish it off with a spritz of hair spray. Voila! Your split ends are out of sight and out of mind.

2. Not enough time

In the summer you’ll be invited to a slew of different parties. But running in between yachts, soirees, and the beach, you won’t have tons of time to play with. Revlon’s one-step IONIC hair dryer and styler reduces your downtime in front of the mirror. In fact, its large but lightweight paddle design dries and smooths your hair quickly for 50% faster styling time. That means you’ll spend less time on your hair and more time having fun.

3. Frizzy hairs

There’s nothing worse than looking at pictures from the night before only to see a halo of stubborn hairs above your smiling head. These frizzy, brittle strands seem to have a mind of their own, no matter which method you use. No need to explain to friends that no, you didn’t stick your finger into an electrical socket. Frizz is super prevalent in the summer due to humidity and the lack of moisture in your hair. First off, try a moisturizing hair mask. Next, use Revlon’s IONIC hair dryer and styler to tame your tresses. Its flexible bristles help reduce damage, giving you silky smooth hair. Finish it off with some hairspray and you’re good to go.

4. Sweaty hair

Summer’s the perfect time to get outside and try different sports. Whether you’re paddle boarding, kayaking, rock climbing, or trying volleyball for the first time, you’re apt to finish with a sweaty brow and unruly tresses. Reduce the temptation to use heavy styling products since they’ll only make your hair less manageable. Don’t feel like you need to wash your hair all over again to fix this problem, either. Try some dry shampoo, rubbing it against your scalp. It will return back to its natural style and your limp roots will come back to life. To finish off, try Revlon’s IONIC hair dryer and styler. Its tangle-free swivel cord makes it easy to use and its ionic conditioning will add some extra shine. Not only this, but you can customize this hair tool to your own personal needs by toggling between its two heat settings.

5. Annoying waves

IONIC hair dryer and styler / Revlon

IONIC hair dryer and styler / Revlon

These are especially likely to happen on the back of your head where you can’t see them. Before running out the door, check with a mirror make sure you don’t have any waves that can wreak havoc on your great day. Use Revlon’s IONIC hair styler and dryer to get it right. Its easy-to-use design and swivel cord lets you style the back of your head with ease. As well, its cushion material contours to the head for comfortable styling. Afterwards, use the cool setting to help set your style along with a couple pumps of hairspray.

To try these these simple summer hair hacks try out Revlon’s IONIC hair dryer and styler by checking out Amazon, Walmart, and London Drugs.

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