“Sully” of the Green Men releases the Green Men Book

The first ever ESPN Fan Hall of Fame inductees, The Green Men, are breaking ground once again with “Behind The Green.” They’ve entertained fans and enraged opposing NHL teams and players for years. Now, this holiday season, Ryan “Sully” Sullivan gives the true story of how a hockey fan turned into a hockey legend overnight.

From his first game all the way up to the infamous Stanley Cup Riot of 2011, The Green Men made headlines everywhere they went. After Sully’s famous handstand topped one million views on YouTube in just four days, they were sponsored by Nike and flown around North America. They were offered commercials and cars. They were invited to meet Mayors, Premiers, and the Prime Minister. They had battles with the NHL, Don Cherry, Glenn Healy, and many other. They even had their own police escort in Boston. They were heroes and were called upon night in and night out.

Why would one of The Green Men write a book? Well, why would a fully-grown man wear spandex? Because it just makes sense!

Sully gives readers a first-hand and first-row look at some of the greatest moments in the sport. This Christmas hockey fans across Canada will FINALLY get a taste of the sport they love!

For a list of store locations, appearances, and signing opportunities head to BehindTheGreenBook.com.