"Suiting Up"

Dec 19 2017, 1:30 pm

As a slow summer approaches us Vancouverites, we are preparing ourselves for the sun, warm weather, and beach appropriate attire.  Around the world the sun is already shining and we are getting a fresh look into what is going to be “in” for summer. As we all love to browse through magazines to find that perfect swimsuit to suit our type of body, its hard when all you see are stick thin models and realistically there are a handful of us that do not look like Victoria Secret models, or any type of that model. Don’t be discouraged by this! Don’t think, “screw the beach, I will not be seen in any type of bathing suit”, change your perspective and think like me.

Let’s go back to the days were “more skin” wasn’t so in, and being slightly covered on the beach still drew those men’s gazes you wanted! What may you ask am I talking about?  One piece bathing suits of course! I know, I know, you’re probably thinking I’m crazy, but I have done my research and I have found some one of a kind bathing suits to not only help with problem areas, but keep you in the fashion trend and looking as good as you possible can when relaxing on the beach this summer.

One piece bathing suits are not for everyone, everyone has their own unique style and choice, but I have found some pretty amazing ones that may change your mind.  Not only can you wear these to the beach, but to spice up your wardrobe, you can also wear them as a body suit, under a nice blazer, or even with shorts over top to look like a shirt.  With so many styles and unique prints there are many options for everyone.

A local designer took one-piece bathing suits to a new level.  Joann Knelsen, who graduated from The Art Institute from the program, Fashions Design Merchandising, and Foundation for Design, in November, 2011, focused her final project for her grad show on making a daring move, by using studs, and cut outs to make one pieces not only sexy, but fashionable and sleek.  Here are some of her designs.

So take this summer to not only enjoy the sun, but to enjoy it bringing back an old fashion trend to a new era.

One amazing site that I love for one-piece bathing suits is: http://www.blackmilkclothing.com/collections/swimsuits


Also check out:

http://wearehandsome.com/ (the lead image).

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