The one item you can add to your Subway sandwich that you didn't know about

Oct 20 2017, 9:51 pm

Stack em’ high – it’s one of the best ways to eat a sandwich.

When you’re on a quick lunch break at work, you have a gap between classes, or you’re hungry for something packed full of flavour, nothing beats a customizable meal where you get to choose exactly what you want between the sandwich buns.

There’s so much choice on the menu at Subway that sometimes you need a minute or two of staring at the board saying ‘ehhh, um’ before you order. Because you still have to decide whether you’d like to make it a combo, or if a footlong is enough. Obviously.

So to help you see why you need to visit Subway ASAP, we’ve compiled a list of eight menu add-ons that you’ll want to try.

Double up on bacon


Let’s face it, when lunch o’clock hits, you’re absolutely starving. And while you’d love to indulge in almost everything on the menu, you try to limit your choice to one meat option – then stack it with bacon. Don’t be embarrassed if your sub is bulging and will barely close over. Because since this bacon is deliciously good, your Sandwich Artist will definitely understand.

Add some love to your sandwich

If you’re in Subway at any stage in November, there will be another item that you can add to your sandwich that you never knew about. No, we’re not talking about chorizo. Instead, a donation. On Friday, November 3, Subway was able to donate 1,000,000 meals to Canadians in need as part of World Sandwich Day. And at any point during the month of November, you can make a $1 donation to BC Food Banks when you make a purchase at Subway. In 2016, Subway restaurants collected more than $51,000 for this great cause. Since food bank usage in Canada has been steadily increasing, raising by 28% from 2008 to 2016, there has never been a better time to show your support.

Turn anything into a melt


Contrary to what you might think, you don’t have to order a panini or grilled sandwich in order to get that Instagram-worthy cheese melt. Add shredded mozzarella, natural cheddar, Swiss, Monterey cheddar, or a combination of all of these and rejoice. Because you can actually order any ordinary sub and have it microwaved to achieve that cheese-melt deliciousness. For real.

Make it BETTER than avocado toast

Whether you order turkey breast, veggie delite, tuna, steak and cheese, or a ham-filled sub, you can top it all off with a serious amount of avocado. Who needs avocado toast when you can have so much more alongside that green goodness?

Cookie toppings


Ahh yes, you might already know but you can add cookies to your sandwich order at Subway. But you don’t have to have them on the side or as a dessert. That’s too typical. Instead, you can simply lay down two or three cookies as sandwich toppings and munch away. White, dark chocolate, or pumpkin spice cookies? The choice is yours.

Spice it up


If you think you can handle the heat, crank up the spice on your sub by adding some of Subway’s hottest menu add ons. Sriracha, barbecue, buffalo, and chipotle sauces make for a hot spice mix. Then of course you’ll want to add jalapeños and banana peppers for that extra kick. Warning: You might want to order two drinks to cool you down in case your spice threshold isn’t as strong as you think.

Dip your sandwich into soup

Don’t feel like getting sauce on your sub? No problem – don’t. Order a soup on the side and use that as an ultra luxe dipping sauce. This way you get the best of both worlds and you’ll give your sandwich an extra warm boost – perfect for cold winter days in the city. Did we mention that it tastes amazing, too?

Go Italian


You can’t always anticipate how hungry you’ll be until you actually get to a restaurant. The hearty ham sandwich at Subway ticks all the boxes for carnivores and you can make yours ultimately Italian by adding meatballs and olives. Close your eyes with each bite and imagine that you’re sitting at the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Bliss.

Throughout the month of November while you’re paying for your meal at Subway, simply ask your Sandwich Artist to add $1 (or any donation increment) to your bill. Funds collected are distributed to the closest food bank to that restaurant, directly helping the local community.

And 100% of the donation that you give this year will be used to support the purchase and distribution of fresh foods through Food Banks Canada’s national food sharing program, which supports 550 food banks across the country. You’ll be helping the hungry in the community as Food Banks BC works to ensure that every food bank in the province gets support. They have a 3-1 buying power, meaning every dollar donated equals $3 worth of food for those in need.

For more information and to see even more drool-worthy eats, check out Subway on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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