5 stunning spots where you can do a workout outside in Vancouver

Jul 13 2020, 8:41 pm

We’ve all been looking for innovative ways to workout recently that don’t involve hitting up our usual gyms, yoga studios, and spin classes that have been on hiatus.

But if you’ve done enough indoor YouTube yoga workouts to last a lifetime, it’s time to venture outside for your daily fix of exercise. And when better to soak in the natural beauty our city has to offer than this time of year?

We’ve teamed up with Hydrator to find the best spots around town where you can set down your yoga mat or dumbbells.

Ever since the pandemic hit, the Vancouver-based healthy sports drink company has been encouraging people to be as creative as possible in their exercise routines. In its campaign as the unofficial hydrator of physically-distanced workouts, Hydrator been supporting exercisers across the city, whether they’re doing squats holding their pup or joining a backyard bootcamp.

Hydrator’s co-founder Dr. Alex Chan says that we’re lucky in Vancouver to have such a beautiful landscape to work out in. “You’ve got the water, you’ve got the mountains, and there’s such a consciousness about wellness and how an active lifestyle really affects your overall health,” she says.

Co-founder Thomas Neilson, who is originally from Ottawa, agrees. “I used to come up here every summer and I fell in love with it,” he says. “I go hiking, I go paddleboarding, I go swim in the ocean. It nourishes the soul.”

Ready to nourish yours? Plot a course to any of these five stunning outdoor spots where you can get your sweat on.

Spanish Banks

If you’re looking for one of the city’s most pristine outdoor spots — with plenty of space to roam around and fewer crowds than the downtown beaches — Spanish Banks is where it’s at. The spot is only a short drive from downtown, nestled right near UBC in the West Point Grey neighbourhood. Pop your yoga mat down on the sand or on one of the grassy areas and you’re set. Be warned, though, you’ll never want to return to your living room workout again.

Trout Lake


Trout Lake is another beautiful spot outside of downtown where you can be active outdoors and take in the natural beauty around you. Here you’ll find plenty of options to set up your workout space. And as a bonus, if you’re looking for an alternative to yoga or squats, you can jog or walk around the lake (and watch the dogs play while you’re at it!).

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach tops our list of stunning spots to workout outside, and this spot you’ll find conveniently located downtown, right on the border of the West End and Yaletown. The prime workout location is right opposite Kitsilano and is known for its beautiful views out to English Bay. Invite a workout buddy (keeping a safe distance, of course) and take in the sunset while you do a few push-ups!

David Lam Park


Happen to be in Yaletown and looking for the perfect spot for your downward dog? David Lam Park is a relatively cozy yet conveniently located park downtown right on the Seawall that will give you views of the stunning life on the water of False Creek. It’s a beautiful spot (that you might just want to stay and have a picnic at after your workout).

Creekside Park

This prime Vancouver workout locale is right outside Science World and, you guessed it, also bordering the Seawall. It’s the smallest park on this list, but Creekside Park gives you a unique vista of downtown’s skyscrapers, False Creek, and the lights of Science World and Olympic Village. Here you can watch people kayak while you do a workout, and if you’ve got little ones, there’s a play area, too.

You’re probably going to get pretty thirsty working outside in the summertime — as opposed to your climate-controlled living room.


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Hydrator is designed (as the name suggests) to help you hydrate while working out. The replenishing drink is made with real fruit juice and no artificial ingredients.

It’s the only sports drink created by a naturopathic doctor and it contains a more complete electrolyte formula with three times more electrolytes and 30% less sugar than most sports drinks on the market.

Check out Hydrator’s website to find out how you can replenish after your scenic Vancouver workout. If you enter promo code HYDRATORHIVE, you’ll even get 20% off your order!

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