Calling all content creators: You could get a $20K grant to tell your inspiring story

Oct 29 2021, 9:31 pm

For creators, access to funding can make or break getting a creative project off the ground. It’s a huge barrier that can make it challenging for even the most brilliant of ideas to ever make it to the execution phase.

Helping many of these diverse projects see the light of day and supporting and amplifying local stories is TELUS STORYHIVE’s mission.

STORYHIVE, funded by TELUS, brings hundreds of local films and series to life each year by providing emerging filmmakers and creators across British Columbia and Alberta with funding, training, mentorship, and distribution to audiences online and around the world. 

Every year, STORYHIVE launches new editions and programs to invite these local creators to apply their ideas to different themes and mediums. From podcast editions to editions designated for underrepresented voices, successful applicants from each edition are provided grants to help their projects come to fruition.

And this Fall, STORYHIVE has launched its Game Changers Documentary Edition that is supporting emerging creators in BC and Alberta with 30 grants of $20,000 to capture stories of local game changers who are shaking up the status quo and transforming their communities. 

“We are inspired by game changers in our community that are making a difference. This edition is focused on locally reflective documentaries about community members who are finding new and innovative ways to make their communities more connected, sustainable, healthier and equitable,” shares Shaun Cathcart, project manager of STORYHIVE. “We’re looking for authentic local stories that bring people closer together and demonstrate human ingenuity, resilience, and grit.”

From now until November 10, STORYHIVE is inviting local visionaries to submit their ideas for the chance to secure access to funding, training, distribution, and robust mentorship.

“At TELUS, we believe in building stronger and more connected communities. We are proud to achieve this through STORYHIVE, where we provide innovative funding, mentorship, training, and distribution opportunities to diverse emerging BC and Alberta creators to tell stories that reflect their communities and culture,” says Cathcart. “Our aim is to make TELUS access programming inclusive, accessible, and meaningful to local communities.”

This year’s Game Changers Documentary Edition is all about celebrating human resilience and spotlighting individuals who are making the world a better, friendlier place.

Do you know someone who is fighting to protect a local landmark? Know of any grassroots organizations that are working to solve the climate crisis? These are just some of the kinds of stories STORYHIVE is looking for.

If you’ve got a great local story you’d like to share with the world, here’s the low-down on how STORYHIVE’s application process works. First, you submit your documentary short idea and how you plan to execute it. 

Next, a team of industry experts and TELUS team members select 30 projects to receive production funding, training, mentorship, and distribution support. If your project is selected, you’ll be awarded a $20,000 production grant to make your film.

The final step is all about making it happen. With the support of an experienced mentor, you will create a locally reflective documentary Main Program (minimum 15 minutes) and a locally reflective Supplementary Program (minimum 30 minutes) that will be featured on select TELUS platforms in 2023.

To learn more and apply for the STORYHIVE Game Changers Documentary Edition, you can visit Applications are being accepted online until 5 pm PT and 6 pm MT on Wednesday, November 10, 2021.

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