Stefano Ricci Vancouver flagship store renderings unveiled

Dec 19 2017, 9:35 pm

Italian luxury brand Stefano Ricci has released renderings of its first free-standing Canadian store, which will be located at 1139 West Georgia.

The new Stefano Ricci store will be a mere stone’s throw from soon-to-launch Saint Laurent, PradaVersaceBrunello CucinelliMoncler, De Beers, and others.

Stefano Ricci

Image courtesy of Stefano Ricci

It has been nearly 50 years since the company’s inception and Stefano Ricci has grown from a tie manufacturing firm to a family-run company that strives for quality to the point of perfection, with prices to match (potentially up to $50,000). The attention to detail is impeccable and the brand has developed many products since then to cover all aspects of the luxury lifestyle.

Stefano Ricci

Image by Stefano Ricci

Stefano Ricci

Image by Stefano Ricci

In addition to menswear, Stefano Ricci now designs and offers accessories (including leather goods and cuff links), fragrances and home goods like porcelain and crystal dinner services, silverware and luxury linens.

Manuel Bernaschek, President of Stefano Ricci Vancouver | Image from Mr. Bernaschek

Manuel Bernaschek, President of Stefano Ricci Vancouver | Image from Mr. Bernaschek

Vancity Buzz sat down with Manuel Bernaschek, President of Stefano Ricci Vancouver, to find out how Stefano Ricci will fill a perceived gap in the Luxury Zone for those with ultra-luxury taste.

The interior renderings reflect the tradition and lushness of an old world elegance which is synonymous with Stefano Ricci worldwide. What is unique about the wood that the company uses in creating this feel of luxury?

Manuel Bernaschek: The main feature of the Stefano Ricci interiors is extensive use of the burled California Walnut wood. The brand has never needed had to rely on flashiness of its interiors to attract clients. It aims to create a space built on elegance and comfort.

Who are the designers of this luxury space? 

All Stefano Ricci stores around the world are built to the same standard with the millwork being created by a company in Italy. Only small changes have been made over the years, so much so, that I believe the type of material for the flooring has changed.

Will Stefano Ricci offer the Lifestyle Interior Services available in Europe? 

I am personally really excited with the décor for home, but our shop, given the limitations of the lay-out and the square footage of the space, we will be able represent a select amount of items from the Stefano Ricci home collection including the glassware and porcelain.

Will clients be offered private meeting areas within the space for made-to-measure and bespoke services? 

There is a VIP room in the back that currently has not been incorporated into the renderings, which will double as my office, and where the ‘very special items’ will be kept.

How extensive will the accessories and fragrance representation be? 

The rendering show that there is an intimate area near the sales counter that will display an array of fragrances. The exquisite accessories will be distributed throughout the store where most suitable.

What will make Stefano Ricci stand-out in the ‘Luxury Zone’? 

There is no question that Stefano Ricci represents the pinnacle of what can be accomplished with clothing when the finest materials are combined with the finest workmanship. Personally, I believe the interior will be one of the most beautiful retail locations in all of Canada.

What first attracted you to the Stefano Ricci brand?

It was the ties. Previously I had been a fan of Brioni, but I began to get disappointed when they stopped producing their more luxury pieces. Then one day, almost ten years ago, in Rome with my wife, I discovered Stefano Ricci. It was truly a special feeling stepping into that Stefano Ricci store. I felt completely enveloped by quality and luxury. Also, because Stefano Ricci does not operate on a commission based sales system, every time I walk into a Stefano Ricci store, I feel like I’m being welcomed into the beautiful home of a friend – not like I’m being sized up by the sales force – and am always pleasantly surprised to be offered an espresso or Pellegrino. My team and I are excited to be able to bring this type of shopping experience to Vancouver.

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The Stefano Ricci store is anticipated to launch in early Summer; they are in the process of staffing and finalizing the interior details.

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