Statement by dog owner of pit bull killed in Kitsilano stabbing attack

Dec 19 2017, 8:53 am

Shortly after we published a story on yesterday’s death of a pit bull at Kitsilano Beach Park, a woman who claims to be the owner of the dead dog has come forward and has submitted her side of the story to us.

According to early police reports, a pit bull was stabbed to death by a 72-year old man when the large dog and its owner approached his pug. The man killed the pit bull as its jaw would not release his pug’s neck.

However, a story written by an individual claiming to be the pit bull owner claims otherwise:

To everyone with an opinion who wasn’t there today to know what really happened,

The Pit Bull’s name was Pandora. She was six years old.

Ask me if I would let my very small child around this dog while I’m in another room? My answer is yes – absolutely. I did. Many times. And given the chance again, I would let that beautiful, intelligent, beloved dog care for my daughter in a heart beat. Sadly, I will never have that opportunity. My daughter has lost her best friend. That pit bull that was murdered today? She helped me raise, and care for my almost 4-year old daughter.

Was the pit bull off leash? No. She was not.

This was a clearly marked area: dogs should be kept on leash, as posted by the city bylaws. Funny thing is, it was this negligent old man who irresponsibly let his own dog run around freely: he did not have control of his own dog.

Today a man killed a dog. He screamed these words “You hurt my dog. You deserve to die” And then he took out a knife and repeatedly stabbed Pandora until she died. And as Pandora lay their lifeless, this old man fled the scene with his dog in an SUV.

Our family is in shock. In pain. We have lost our loved one. The real victim here was Pandora. My sister, a woman who has worked for and volunteered with the SPCA, who has fostered countless animals while they await adoption, who was been a dog walker, a dog groomer, has held jobs with pet stores and doggy daycares, who has just recently enrolled in a program to become a certified dog trainer, has lost her best friend. My sister’s passion is animals. She is sympathetic to the concern for the pug’s welfare that this old man may have felt in the moment. But his panic does not excuse his actions. The fact that he is “72 years old” or that Pandora is a certain breed does not justify what he did. He is a human being, but his actions were sickly inhumane.

Let me remind you that this is not your story to judge, nor is it your responsibility to decide who is right or wrong. Just as each human being is different, so are the pets we care for. The difference is, we as humans have the capacity to make choices.

Ignorance and misinformation will get the best of you. If you want the real story, I challenge you to stop hiding behind the safety of your screen and come see the family that Pandora has left behind. In fact, let this invitation be forwarded to the man that murdered Pandora. Come have coffee with my daughter and I tomorrow morning. Let me share with you my side of the story: what really happened this afternoon, as opposed to what the media is contorting this into, and then try to tell me who the victim is here.


Image: Ali Peterson / Shutterstock