Starbucks Robson Closing, No More 2 in One Corner

The iconic corner of Robson and Thurlow that houses two Starbucks diagonally across from each other will be no more as as the one that is usually frequented by bikers (below Red Robin restaurant) will be closing at the end of May. The reason, sky high rents and a demo clause that could evict them with only one months notice.

If it were just high rents it would be surprising that Starbucks, one of the great American success stories couldn’t stay open on Robson Street even though rents on Robson for that location would probably be in the $20,000 a month range. At the end of the day the demo clause was probably the deal breaker.

Although it may seem like a huge loss, this is Vancouver after all and there is an abundance of coffee shops. From BLENZ COFFEE to a whole slew of independents, Vancouverites still have plenty of options to get their caffeine fix.

by orangejack

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