"We need to reinvent Starbucks for the future": Brand looks to start new chapter

Jul 12 2022, 4:19 pm

It looks like our favourite coffee chain Starbucks is planning to reinvent itself.

In a letter to Starbucks partners, CEO Howard Schultz shared new principles and partnerships for the chain’s reinvention plans.

Schultz’s goal for the company is to improve the experiences of its partners and customers, including a focus on the health of its communities and business, according to the statement.


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“Today, we find ourselves in a position where we must modernize and transform the Starbucks experience in our stores and recreate an environment that is relevant, welcoming and safe, and where we uplift one another with dignity, respect and kindness,” said Schultz.

“We need to reinvent Starbucks for the future.”

According to the letter, its reinvention plans begin with five pillars: re-envision how it brings its mission to life; renew the well-being of retail partners by radically improving their experience; reimagine its store experience for greater connection, ease and a planet positive impact; reconnect with its customers by delivering memorable and personalized moments; and redesign partnership by creating new ways to thrive together.

A new set of principles for partnerships at Starbucks have also been shared. These include safety, welcoming and kindness for its stores; advancement and opportunity for its partners; well-being for one another and its communities; and shared power, shared accountability, and shared success.

“Each of us has an ability each day to put these principles into practice,” said Schultz.

“And we will use the weeks ahead to provide you with greater clarity around the existing and new resources and programs available to you and your leaders for support.”

As for specific programs and initiatives that’ll help push these new plans ahead, the coffee chain will unveil them in the weeks to come.

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