Star Trek Day at PNE August 24, 2012

Star Trek Day takes fairgoers to the final frontier on Friday, August 24 with the opportunity to meet the actors behind two of Star Trek The Next Generation’s most popular characters, the android Data and Commander Deanna Troi.

Actors Brent Spiner and Marina Sirtis will beam into the WestJet Concert Stage at 2:00 pm to take questions from the audience in a hosted Q&A event followed by public autographs at the autograph tent at 2:30 pm.

Star Trek Day is part of the Fair’s Star Trek: The Exhibition ­– the Fair’s first walk through-pavilion in 17 years. This exhibition brings 45 years of Star Trek to life, showcasing one-of-a-kind costumes, props, sets and filming models from all five live-action television series and eleven feature films that will amaze and inspire both experienced and novice Trekkers and Trekkies.

Visitors can walk aboard the bridge of the USS Enterprise, explore Dr. Crusher’s sickbay from Star Trek: The Next Generation and sit in James T. Kirk’s captain’s chair. They can also have a picture taken with a favourite character in front of a giant green screen, and purchase memorabilia in the Star Trek store.

media tour of the exhibition with the actors takes place at 1:00 pm with photo opportunities at the replica of Captain Picard’s quarters from The Next Generation, followed by the signing of an autograph panel that will become part of the PNE and photos at the replica of the bridge from The Next Generation.

The PNE is pleased to provide free entrance to Star Trek: The Exhibition with admission to the 2012 Fair, which runs August 18 – September 3. 

STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION is presented by EMS Exhibits, Inc.