29 Before & After Photos: Stanley Park Over 125 Years

Dec 19 2017, 4:12 pm

Stanley Park has definitely changed over the past 125 years. Here’s a look at some before and after pictures of various things around the park.

The S-Curve

entrance to stanley park

Year 1940
Image: City of Vancouver Archives 586-340

s curve

Image: bob_2006 / Flickr


The Hollow Tree

Touring Car in front of Hollow Tree at Stanley Park

Year 1915
Image: City of Vancouver Archives 677-75

hollow tree

Image: Myles Green / Flickr


Siwash Rock

siwash rock

Year 1890
Image: City of Vancouver Archives 677-116

siwash rock

Image: brotherxii / Flickr


Lawn Bowling

bowling green at stanley park

Year 1930s
Image: City of Vancouver Archives 677-74

lawn bowling

Image: Jacob Wolman / Flickr


Entrance to Stanley Park

entrance stanley park

Year 1890s
Image: City of Vancouver Archives LGN 1048

welcome to stanley park

Image: Voyagers Club Tours


Stanley Park Pavillion

stanley park pavillion

Year 1940s
Image: City of Vancouver Archives 1184-2717

stanley park pavillion

Image: jakglenn / Flickr


Stanley Park Playground

stanley park playground

Year 1940
Image: City of Vancouver Archives 586-442

stanley park playground

Image: Jacob Wolman / Flickr


Second Beach

stanley park second beach

Year 1900s
Image: City of Vancouver Archives SGN 1064

second beach pool

Image: Kaveh


Totem Poles

totem poles stanley park

Year 1946
Image: City of Vancouver Archives 586-4277

Totem Poles

Image: WCC Student Blog


Prospect Point

prospect point

Year 1922
Image: City of Vancouver Archives 99-902

Prospect Point

Image: Ross Strachan

prospect point

Year 1902
Image: City of Vancouver Archives 371-2229

Prospect Point

Image: Kris Taeleman


Third Beach

stanley park third beach

Year 1890
Image: City of Vancouver Archives 677-206

Third Beach

Image: Neal D


Lost Lagoon

stanley park lost lagoon

Year 1946
Image: City of Vancouver Archives St Pk P197

lost lagoon

Image: Karen Millington / Flickr

lost lagoon aerial

Image: Harley Mac / Flickr


Cricket game at Brockton Point

stanley park cricket game

Between year 1890 and 1910
Image: City of Vancouver Archives 1376-177

cricket game

Image: Jon Fisher / Flickr


Feature image: Chris Collacott / aVision Photography

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