Stanley Cup riot kiss photo used by Italian fashion retailer to sell clothes

Dec 19 2017, 11:36 am

How do you feel about this? A luxury Italian fashion retailer has integrated the infamous Vancouver Stanley Cup riot kiss photo into its marketing and branding.

Pull Love has been using the photo of riot kissing couple Canadian Alex Thomas and Australian Scott Jones on all of its materials since early-2012. The clothing company’s use of the image, paired with the motto “Love Wins”, gained virality again when it reemerged on Reddit over the weekend.

“Just found this in Barcelona. Stared for a good minute before I figured out why I was having déjà vue,” Reddit user Alphakrusher wrote.

The company sells sweaters, turtle necks and scarves and has locations in Russia, Spain, Romania, San Marino, Switzerland, Malta, and across Italy. It has applied the image on its storefronts, shopping bags, website and social media platforms.

The photo was taken by local photographer Rich Lam on the night of June 15, 2011 when chaos broke out onto city streets after the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins in the home game Stanley Cup Final. Pull Love is using Lam’s image through a license with Getty Images.

Image: Pull Love

Image: Pull Love

Image: Pull Love

stanley cup riot photo pull love
Image: Pull Love

Featured Image: Alphakrusher via Reddit