St. Patrick’s Day hangover cures decoded

Dec 19 2017, 8:48 pm

Thursday’s luck of the Irish often turns into a Friday filled with devastating headaches, stomach aches, and pretty much every ailment under the sun. 

So how do you fix that nasty post St. Patrick’s Day hangover? Here’s a look at five common hangover cures to uncover what really works.


Water / Shutterstock

Water / Shutterstock

Alcohol is a diuretic and dehydration could be partly to blame for your headache. So drink up. It may not make your symptoms vanish but at least you won’t be hungover and dehydrated.


Coffee / Shutterstock

Coffee / Shutterstock

Proceed with caution! Since coffee is also a diuretic, it could make matters worse and aggravate your sensitive stomach. However, if you don’t have your usual cup of joe, you may get a headache anyway.

Hair of the Dog

Bloody Mary / Shutterstock

Bloody Mary / Shutterstock

Your family doctor won’t be handing out this prescription, but anecdotal evidence has spoken: a wee dram the following day seems to take the edge off. Just take it easy; continuing to imbibe can make matters worse later in the day and the following morning.

Take a pain reliever

Pain killer / Shutterstock

Painkiller / Shutterstock

It’s best to stick to ibuprofen and avoid acetaminophen, which can be tough on your already overtaxed liver. Beef it up by adding a multi-vitamin. Binge drinking depletes the body of vitamins and minerals. Pop a multi-v to reset that equilibrium.


Eating / Shutterstock

Eating / Shutterstock

Two schools of thought here. Some studies have shown that your body produces a hormone that increases your appetite for fatty foods. Others say stick to healthier fare.

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