Squamish Valley Music Festival: Young the Giant

In the lead up to the Squamish music festival, each Thursday I will be sharing a track from an artist on the line up. This week, I give you: “My Body ” by Young the Giant. Young the Giant are an indie rock band out of California and they definitely sound like it. The lead singer Sameer Gadhia has said that their self-titled, debut album was inspired by the beach and life in Orange County. I think I gravitate toward this band because they remind me of the pop-punk/rock bands that I used to love when I was 17, like Jimmy Eat World and Fall Out Boy.

On a more modern note, their sound kind of reminds me of Cold War Kids, Kings of Leon and early Maroon 5.

Not sure how this band will be live, I feel like it could really go either way.


Images c/o Culture Mag

Written by: Jacqueline Bennett