Spring your way Into a Bikini Body

Dec 19 2017, 1:37 pm

Spring is the season of many weather conditions. You get those days where no matter how hard you try and dress appropriately Mother Nature will truly make sure you fail. Let’s fight Mother Nature’s evil ways with a fail proof spring workout regime ensuring you’re ready to go when the bikini in the back of your closet is your only option. All you need is 25- 30 minutes a day and you’ll be ready to show off your beach body in no time. I am providing you with a Monday-Friday at home routine which you can do anytime of the day, all you need is a nice open space and a little sprinkle of motivation! I am leaving the weekend open for your own leisurely activities but aim for something physical at least one out of the two days.

Before each workout ensure to warm up with a light 3-5min jog. Complete each routine as a circuit, meaning run through the exercises one after another with a 30second rest in between. Start by running through the circuit 3 times and as you progress challenge yourself by reducing your rest time or completing more circuits.

Monday: Leg Blast

20 Sumo Squats: stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, squat down while pushing your weight into your heels. Make sure your knees don’t go over your toes when in the squat position. Rise back up and repeat.

20 Single Leg Deadlifts: Stand with only one foot on the ground leaving your other leg to rest at a slight angle in the air. Keeping your chest out lean forward to touch the ground and slowly bring yourself back up to the starting position. Try to keep your leg off the ground through the entire set if you can, this will throw your stability off balance requiring more use of your core. Repeat with both legs.

20 Walking lunges

20 Long Jumps: Jump forward as far as you can, use your arms to help propel you. Make sure you come to a complete stop before starting the next rep.

**In between every exercise complete what is listed below, this will keep your heart rate up throughout the entire workout ensuring to burn the maximum amount of calories possible. **

50 Jumping Jacks: make sure to really throw your arms in this one to get an all around full body jack

Tuesday: Extreme Abs

20 3sec Crunches: This is your average crunch but slow it down for a count of 3 seconds up and 3 seconds down.

5 30second Planks: For beginners start out on your knees, as progression occurs push yourself up onto your toes.

20 Bicycles

20 Scissors: While lying on the ground raise both your legs and slowly lower them simultaneously until right before you feel your lower back raise off the ground. This is the level at which you will begin the exercise. Once in the correct position alternate your legs in a scissoring action within a 3 inch range from the starting position.

15 Plank Spider Jacks: Start in plank position, jack your feet out to the side and back, and then bring one knee at a time towards the elbow on the same side as if crawling like a spider.



Thursday: Upper Body Tone-Up

20 Pushup Jacks: Start in pushup position, complete your pushup and then jack your legs out to the side. For those who are starting in a modified pushup on your knees, after you have completed the pushup pop up onto your toes (a full pushup position) then jack and return back onto your knees.

20 Swimmers: Lie on your stomach with your arms extended above your head, bring your elbows in 90 degree angles towards your back, just like if you were swimming, and raise your legs at the same time. Pause and hold for 3 seconds.

20 Shoulder Pushups: Start in a full pushup position, walk your hands as close to your toes as possible so you end up with your buttocks in the air and your arms are straight. Use your arms to lower your head towards the ground, and then pushup back into the starting position.

20 Table Top Waves: Position yourself in a table top stance with your hips towards the sky, really try and push them up as high as you can go. Then raise each hand in an alternating fashion as if you are waving at somebody.

Friday: Cardio Buffer

20 Burpees: Start with a jump, and then squat down, place your hands on your mat, and jump out into a plank position. Jump feet back towards your hands, pop-up back up into a standing position.

20 Backpedals: Run backwards in a lowered stance alternating feet in a fast motion

20 Mountain Climbers: Start in pushup position drive one knee up into your chest then alternate legs. Start out slow and once you get the hang of up increase the speed. Completing both legs counts as one rep.

20 Ski Jumps: From standing position jump laterally either right or left as far as you can bringing the opposing foot in behind the landing foot. Repeat back and forth using your arms to get a full momentous swing. Right and left counts as one rep.

20 Crouched Side Shuffles: Start in a slightly squatted position, remain in that position and shuffle left and right approximately 10 feet both ways. Right and left counts as one rep.

There you have it, your Monday-Friday spring shape up routine which will easily fit into your busy schedule without any interference. When following the routine always make sure you stay fully hydrated throughout the day as well as consuming wholesome balanced meals. Remember a healthy body is 80% diet!

Until next time, stay motivated!

Ashly Hill

Head of Fitness Development

Excel Performance Inc.



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