Spring makeup trends

Spring is here, which means sunshine, the start of warmth, dresses and new makeup trends! There are four trends that really stood out on the runways: red lips, eyeliner, bold brows, full lashes and green and blue on the eyes. Some people were thinking that the lip trend this season was going to be all about nude lips, so it was slightly surprising when models rocked the runways wearing a bold red lip. Not so surprising was the bold brow look and the coloured eye shadow.

Red lips

Red lips are one thing that will never go out of style. This season the big trend for red lips is to do a matte red and pair it with a nude eye. Put on a nude-coloured eye shadow, or no eye shadow at all, and you can choose to wear mascara or go without it. The red lip is bold and makes a great statement.

spring makeup trends


Whether you like to have a statement cat-eye, or a dark waterline, having full-impact eyeliner is big this spring. Usually a statement eye liner is paired with a light coloured or nude lip, which is great because then it does not take away from the eyes. Try out a smoky liner by gently smudging the liner, focusing mostly on the outer part of your eye. This will create a great smoky effect for a night out on the town!

Bold brows

Going for bold brows is the thing to do this spring. There are different ways to boldly style your brows too, like defining the arch, rounding them out, and even darkening them. Not only can you use products like brow pencils, and brow setting gels, but you can also fill in your brows with eye shadow to give more of a softer finish. Full brows were all over the runways and they are sure to be all over town this season.

Full lashes

Lashes are in full effect this season and who doesn’t love full lashes? Quite a few models were sporting false lashes on the bottom of their eyes on the runways for the spring shows. If you are not one for the false lashes, try putting some mascara on your bottom lashes to plump them up and get the runway look. If you are going to get false lashes, a good way to blend them is to brush your real lashes with them after you apply the false lashes.

Green and blue on the eyes

The last hot spring trend is green and blue eyes. This does not refer to the colour of your eyes, so not to worry for those ladies who don’t have blue or green eyes. Bright shades of blue were seen a lot more than the green on the runways for spring, but the green was still there. It was not only the bright eye shadow that was showcased, but also bright eye liner. Whether it is pencil or liquid liner, there are so many brands that carry the bright shades.


All these looks can be done individually or even paired up with another. For example, the red lip can be done with full lashes, or brows, and the daringly bold eye liner can be paired with a pop of bright blue or green eye shadow. The possibilities are endless when it comes to makeup and that’s what makes it so fun!


Written by Romea Ambrosi, beauty contributor to Vancity Buzz. Connect with Romea on Twitter at @romeacristina.

Image: Harper’s Bazaar magazine online