Why isn't every date as special as a Valentine’s Day date?

Dec 19 2017, 8:09 pm

Why is it that we tend to put extra effort into planning a special date night only on a few specific days of the year? That extra effort would go a long way if it happened consistently, which is why Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only day we plan an extraordinary date.

We shouldn’t need a commercial prompt for us to do something special, on a specific day of the year when everyone else is told to do the same. Did you ever stop to think that considering everyone plans something special for Valentine’s Day, your efforts automatically become minimized? Your extravagant plans seem a lot less special when everybody else is doing it for the exact same reason.

What’s really special is when you plan a SuperDate for no reason at all. Just because.


When it comes to romance and phenomenal date nights, the majority of the focus is on February 14. The result? We’ve lost out on similar opportunities in those other 364 days of the year. Let’s not hype up one day only to then go through the rest of the days of the year on auto-pilot, never again coming up with an excuse to go on an exceptional date.

You don’t need an excuse like Valentine’s Day to go on a SuperDate, in fact the more you go on, the more fulfilling and memorable your life will be.

The moments in life that we remember, cherish and hold on to are those that are spontaneous and exciting. It’s those experiences that we’ll remember for a lifetime – so why aren’t we experiencing more of this?

Remember, any day can be just as special and exciting as Valentine’s Day.

In honour of the other 364 days of the year when people tend to miss out on extravagant date nights, SuperDate is giving away four dream dates that will take place on any day of your choice other than February 14. Take that, Valentine’s Day!

We’re giving away one awesome date in each category: cultural, dining, active and casual.

superdate vday contest


1. Cultural: Justin Bieber Platinum Seats for two

Is it too late to say sorry? Not if you miss this opportunity to become a Belieber and catch the sold out ‘Purpose’ world tour with — you guessed it, Justin Bieber on March 11 at Rogers Arena. And we’ve got you some of the best seats in the house – you and a date will live it up in Official Platinum Seats—and savour special bragging rights before and after the show. Enter now

2. Dining: The Ultimate Vancouver Food Tour

Vancouver Food Tour‘s guided culinary tours showcase the best restaurant gems within Vancouver’s most charismatic, vibrant and historic neighbourhoods. We will customize a unique and tasty food, beer & wine tasting tour in your choice of charming Gastown or trendy Chinatown. If you love enjoying food, beer, wine in the trendiest neighbourhoods of Vancouver, you’ll love this customized tour! Enter now

3. Active: WildPlay Element Park Experience

Intense? Yes. Scary? Possibly. Awesome? Absolutely. At WildPlay Element Parks, aerial adventures and zip lines transform a casual nature day — in our opinion, one unforgettable date. We’re hooking you and your plus one up with an all-inclusive adventure featuring self-paced Monkido® experiences that involve climbing, zip-lining, jumping, and swinging through obstacle games, along with the What’s To Fear Jump — an unnerving loose-line plunge from the edge of a 40-foot perch. We’ll cover your transportation, so take the leap in Maple Ridge on this thrilling day date. Enter now

4. Casual: Seasons Festival 5-Day Wristband for two

From March 23 to 27, Seasons Festival is offering for the second year in a row the ability to attend every single event across the city within the five days through their all-inclusive weeklong wristband. In addition to the wristband granting you access to all 30+ #SEASONS2016 Events at venues around the Greater Vancouver Area featuring 65+ artists – including the two-day massive at Pacific Coliseum, wristband users will also receive priority entry passing the line to every event. And hey, if you end up hating your date — remember you’ve got 30+ more events to find that special someone at. Get more information at Seasons Festival’s website. Enter now

To win one of these four dream dates, enter by February 26, 2016.

*To be eligible to win, contestants must like SuperDate on Facebook and follow SuperDate on Instagram and Twitter.