Western Canada is about to have one of the largest pot harvests in history

Sep 15 2020, 1:13 pm

Everything has come together for this Canadian cannabis grower this summer. SpeakEasy holds one of the largest single cannabis crops in Canada, and it is five weeks away from harvesting in British Columbia.

The conditions of this summer have contributed to the growth of SpeakEasy’s harvest, and the cannabis company is expecting to make history this fall.

Since mid-July, planting had finished and until now, SpeakEasy CEO Marc Geen is looking forward to what he claims are one of the largest single legal outdoor harvests for cannabis ever.


“I am happy to report that plants are looking very green and healthy. The team is busy preparing for the harvest this fall which we believe will be one of the largest single legal outdoor cannabis harvests in Canada ever, and the excitement around here is palpable,” said Geen.

In about five weeks, the harvest is set to begin as the plants are strong and healthy, coming along right on schedule.

“For any farmer, the harvest season is always exciting, a year’s worth of effort finally paying off, and the worry of having a crop in the field finally coming in is a huge relief,” said Geen.

“The ten thousand things all having to happen and happen at the right time to have a successful crop is a daunting task looking at them from the beginning of the season, but walking through the field, seeing the fruits of all our labour makes every long day, late night, struggle, frustration, bruise and blister all worth it.”

Geen comes from a generation of family farmers who have reigned over the BC Okanagan region

Having acquired 2,200 acres of land in Rock Creek, BC, known as the “Golden Mile” in 1995, the family has successfully farmed there for five generations.

In 2016, 290 acres of the Geen family farm would become SpeakEasy Cannabis Co., after having applied for the licence three years prior.



As outdoor cannabis cultivation became allowed in 2018, in the next three years, SpeakEasy expanded its goal and added 2,600,000 square feet of outdoor cultivation area to its licence.

Despite the turbulence 2020 experienced, SpeakEasy’s goals are still anticipated to blossom, and with the use of three different cannabis varieties and three different planting styles, the move will extend the duration of harvest for a daily amount.

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