Spandy Andy entertains at the London Olympics

Spandy Andy is quite possibly the most famous busker to come out of Vancouver. Six months ago he had a viral video that received almost five million views, but this time Spandy Andy may have outdone himself.  The 25 year old street performer from Vancouver created a new video in some very recognizable areas of London while dancing around in nothing more than some very tight and bright swimwear.

Sporting his tight, bright, and tiny “budgy smugglers”, Spandy Andy shocked crowds of people with his crazy dancing in places like Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and even inside the Tube.

“I wanted to be in London during the Olympics and I can’t go somewhere new without doing some dancing” says Spandy Andy.  “I knew that if people liked the video of me dancing at St. Kilda beach in Melbourne, they would love this one at some very recognizable London attractions.”

Although he was stopped by police and security at a few of the locations, he still managed to dance for at least a few minutes at each one and gather large crowds of laughing spectators.