You have to see this SodaStream video featuring Game of Thrones and Shahs of Sunset actors taking baths

Apr 6 2018, 11:30 pm

We all love a good bubble bath. And now Canada’s leading sparkling water, SodaStream, has taken the classic bath to a whole new level – a bath with colourful, sparkling bubbles.

Imagine being able to take relaxation to the next level with SodaSoak, an innovative product that allows you to carbonate your bath. The concept is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

But here’s the sad truth: You can’t buy it.

SodaStream fooled millions when they released a prank infomercial-style video for April Fools starring Shahs of Sunset reality star, Reza Farahan, Thor Bjornsson, AKA The Mountain from Game of Thrones, and his girlfriend Kelsey Hensen.

This isn’t the first comical style video that SodaStream has produced.

In July 2017, the brand released celeb-studded The Homoschlepiens which also went viral.

Clearly, SodaStream has a good sense of humour. The brand is always looking for disruptive ways to create joyful moments and they’re not afraid to have fun, promoting products in a comical manner.

“SodaStream likes to make bold statements through the humor of its messages: decreasing plastic bottle pollution and hydration. The humor is sometimes ridiculous, but still brings awareness about this important issue to the public,” Thor Bjornsson said in a press interview.

And while sparkling bubble baths are just a dream for now, SodaStream sparkling water isn’t.

Fun fact: In the last year alone, SodaStream’s reusable carbonating bottles have enabled Canadians to replace up to 136 million disposable 500 ml plastic bottles and cans. So while you’re drinking water, you’re also saving our planet’s oceans and water sources from polluting plastic.

Although you can’t actually buy SodaSoak (sorry), you can still purchase a SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker which will give you the same results (that you can enjoy in a glass). The brand’s newest release is the FIZZI and it comes in three colours that you can match with your kitchen.

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