SodaStreamMe is solving excess gas problems and saving the planet, one burp at a time

Mar 29 2019, 6:19 pm

Let’s get right to it: Canada has a problem with gas.

Canada’s Food Guide was recently updated to encourage people across the country to embrace a more plant-based diet. And naturally, this leads to unavoidable excess gas.

Everyone has experienced the fear of accidentally burping in public, and it may just happen to you more than others. But here’s the thing: Excess gas isn’t good for your social status, because burping at the dinner table tends to get you uninvited to future events.

But there’s a new revolutionary technology that can help turn excess CO2 into something awesome. Enter the SodaStreamMe, created by SodaStream alongside astronaut Scott Kelly.

SodaStreamMe/SodaStream Canada

Kelly spent a whole year in space, and one of the things he often experienced was extremely high (and annoying) levels of CO2. Then it hit him; his SodaStream back home could have been on to something.

Fast-forward to 2019 and he’s teamed up with the sparkling water maker to create a one-of-a-kind technology with SodaStream.

This brand new technology works by giving you the power to turn the negative action of burping into something positive — sparkling water. Not only that, it helps you reach your water intake as recommended by Canada’s Food Guide.

SodaStream Canada’s Rena Nickerson says that the goal for this niche product is to transform the excess gas Canadians try to hold in into a valuable, renewable resource.

Nickerson believes that SodaStreamMe will let Canadians hydrate their bodies while also helping the planet.

SodaStreamMe/SodaStream Canada

Start letting your gas make the world a better place by ordering your SodaStreamMe online or picking it up at select retailers nationwide.

When you think about it, $27.99 is a small price to pay for life-changing results.

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