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Dec 19 2017, 9:11 am

How many times do you find yourself offering the same gifts to the same people over and over again? SocialShopper is saying ‘no’ to unwanted and boring gifts with deals on unique experiences such as a chocolate tasting, Jump Time at Richmond’s Air Park and a three-course dinner at Dark Table.

SocialShopper becomes your one-stop shop for extraordinary presents for each and every single person on your list. Take a sneak peak at what they have in store right now:


Three-Course Dine in the Dark Experience for two people at Dark Table Vancouver

A good magician knows that your senses can be tricked easily, especially your sight. A good magician also knows that you don’t do any magic tricks on the first date. And if you want a date that is really a magical experience, leave your faulty eyesight behind and get this SocialShopper deal.

Value: $78
Cost: $54
Discount: $24 / 31%



Two hours of Jump Time for two people at Extreme Air Park

A good scary movie can really set you on edge, make you sweaty and jumpy and all freaked out. Sort of like a blind date. But if you’re looking to have a good time getting sweaty and jumpy, maybe even on a blind date, then you need to get this SocialShopper deal.

Value: $42
Cost: $21
Discount: $21 / 50%

extreme air park

Two-night getaway for two + dining credit & bottle of wine at Black Rock Oceanfront Resort

Bears are cranky. That’s a fact. But bears live in caves, not at beautiful oceanside resorts. That’s another fact. Seems like it’s pretty clear that bears are cranky because they never get to have a nice vacation. Good thing you’re not a bear, so you can enjoy this SocialShopper deal.

Value: $593
Cost: $295
Discount: $298 / 50%


Two-Hour Painting Party Experience by Paint Nite

We think it’s cute when people say they’re going out for a night of partying and they’re going to “paint the town red.” One color? What kind of party is that, anyway? Imagine a birthday party and all they have to eat is plain tortilla chips. Nothing but chips. That’s not a party. Real partying requires a sophisticated palette of colors, hues, and pigments. And now you can get your full-color party on with this SocialShopper deal.

Value: $45
Cost: $25
Discount: $20 / 44%

paint nite

120-minute Complete Retreat Spa Package for one OR two, includes relaxation massage, symphonic hydrotherapy tub & infrared sauna at pHresh Spa + Wellness Club

There used to be a thing called “travel agents,” before the Internet. They specialized in finding travel deals for people, and they usually wore really snazzy sport coats. We miss those days, and the sport coats. And when we get to feeling nostalgic about people finding us complete package deals to enjoy, we indulge ourselves in this SocialShopper deal.

Value: $150
Cost: $75
Discount: $75 / 50%



Any 10 or 20 yoga OR guided meditation classes, plus sauna access at Chopra Yoga Center

It is the wise reed that bends in the wind, rather than breaks. And it is the wise shopper who bends in yoga classes at a discount, rather than breaking the bank. Show your wisdom with this SocialShopper deal.

Value: $200
Cost: $49
Discount: $151 / 76%

chopra yoga

One-hour artisan chocolate tasting experience for two people, plus more at XOXOLAT in Yaletown

If you were about to be marooned on a desert island, what’s the one thing you would take with you? The smart answer is probably a fully-charged Satellite Phone with a GPS locator. But the fun answer is chocolate! Have some fun with this SocialShopper deal.

Value: $50
Cost: $20
Discount: $30 / 60%



Authentic macaron-making class for one OR two, plus Belgian truffles, French meringue, champagne, macaron gift package & template at Simply French Café

There are videos on the Internet where you can learn how to build a car by hand. And at the end of it, your hands are totally greasy. How about learning to make something sweet, instead? Rev up your culinary skills with one of this SocialShopper deal options.

Value: $99
Cost: $45
Discount: $54 / 55%

simply french cafe


Whether you must please the foodies, the spa aficionados or the sports junkies, SocialShopper has it all. The best part of it all is that you can do your holiday shopping in your PJ’s on your couch with a glass of wine in your hand. With a few clicks, you’ll be good to go and will jump right to the top of your relatives’ popularity list. Bring back the fun and magic of the holidays; it doesn’t get easier than this.


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