SoCIAL LITE: There's a new way to get social in Vancouver

Dec 20 2017, 1:07 am

In search of the perfect drink that balanced great taste with a healthy lifestyle, Canadian entrepreneurs Dan Beach and Kevin Folk spent the last two years searching for the perfect mix.

The result? SoCIAL LITE vodka.



A light and refreshing pre-mixed sparkling vodka drink, SoCIAL LITE vodka allows you to drink without the guilt. What makes the product unique is that it has no sugar or artificial sweeteners and instead uses natural flavours and premium Canadian vodka. The drink comes in two mouth-watering flavours, lemon cucumber mint and lime ginger and delivers a crisp citrus finish.

“We believe consumers are ready for a new type of drink. People are changing how they live, they’re eating and drinking differently and cutting out calories. The easiest way to cut calories is by removing unnecessary sugars,” says Beach. “SoCIAL LITE is about making better choices.”

The duo believe that Canadians, especially those living healthy and active lifestyles like Vancouverites, will fall in love with the drink, and are now working on building the brand and company full time.

The most surprising part of the drink is that there is only 80 calories per 355mL can. Many other ready to drink cocktails are flavoured with sugar and pack over 200 calories in a bottle or can, making SoCIAL LITE Vodka a good option to cut back on the calories.

Calorie scaleThe drink certainly has gained a lot of attention; it has been featured on Dragons Den, Trendhunter, CTV and in the Calgary Herald. It’s clear by the reactions on SoCIAL LITE’s Facebook page that Vancouverites are loving this new Canadian drink.

The drinks recently launched in B.C. and are popping up in stores across the province.

Cheers to staying social and guilt free, Vancouver.


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