Photographers launch Kickstarter for Vancouver portrait photobook

Dec 19 2017, 4:41 pm

Two Vancouver photographers hope to launch a coffee table book filled with images of the people who make Vancouver “amazing”.

So It Is: Vancouver is a new Kickstarter campaign, with over $4,400 raised so far,  by three Vancouverites named Adam, Kev and Lindsay. Adam and Kev shoot subjects drenched in water, an homage to Vancouver’s “rain city” moniker.

“We want to introduce you to a small fraction of the people who make this city amazing. Because that’s what we really love about this city – the people, past and present, who call this place home,” the Kickstarter campaign reads.

So It Is: Vancouver is a coffee-table photography book that’s on a mission to share the remarkable stories of current Vancouver residents, and show that the city has a fascinating past, a vibrant present and an exciting future. And it’ll be ready just in time for Christmas.”

The 240-page photobook will be comprised of portraits in various locations around the city along with profiles of each person and how they impact the culture of Vancouver. The team will also be sourcing 10 local writers to submit essays about how a historical Vancouver event has impacted their experience of the city today.

The team needs about $50,000 to complete the project and print 2,000 books. They are also promising to donate a portion of the profits to “local Vancouver projects that assist the most vulnerable residents of our city”.

Check out some of the interesting portraits below and find So It Is: Vancouver on Kickstarter.


Jesse Keefer: A relation of the man who accidentally burnt the city down in 1886

Rick McCrank: Pro Skateboarder

Devon Brooks: Entrepreneur, Provocateur and Advocate

Wanting Qu: multi-platinum pop star

Grant Lawrence: Author and CBC Broadcaster

Brian and Linda Turko: The espresso king and queen of Vancouver

The So It Is: Vancouver team