Snoop Dogg watches CFL on TV, gets confused, swears (VIDEO)

Jul 21 2016, 6:31 am

It appears the CFL has Snoop Dogg confused.

The hip hop legend was in BC for Pemberton Festival last week, and it appears he decided to catch some Friday Night Football on TSN before he left.

Snoop Dogg tuned in to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats/Montreal Alouettes game, and the result was hilarious.

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Snoop was tuned into the game late in the second quarter with the score 4-0 for Montreal.

He was clearly confused at some of the rules in the CFL, a league that has a number of rule differences from the NFL. It’s impossible to score a single in the NFL, for instance, which makes a 4-0 score extremely rare.

“Long ass field, [expletive] can go in motion any way they want to go, and the score is four-nothing,” said an outraged Snoop Dogg. “Can you believe this [expletive]? The score is four-nothing!”

“I think I’m a tryout for a CFL team and see if I can get mine on,” Snoop continued.

I wish we could have seen Snoop’s reaction shortly after this moment in the game when Montreal conceded a safety on purpose, which never happens in the NFL.

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