Smiling dog exhibit shows the joy of our canine companions

Dec 20 2017, 3:38 am

Photographer Alex Cearns photographs more than 800 pets a year in her Australian studio, but says the natural focus of her lens always ends up on dogs.

“To me, dogs are love and light. They are always joyous and give so much back to us”, she says.

The zany and adorable antics of family pets are the focus of her new photo exhibit, ‘Happy Pooch Face,’ which captures dogs smiling.

She tells Vancity Buzz that nothing puts a smile on her face more than seeing a happy canine, and she wants to share that feeling with the world.

“Everyone who loves their pooch can find solace their dog’s smile. Some people say we teach our dogs to smile in response to our own facial expressions, but I’m sure it’s the other way around – being with them makes us feel happy, so we smile back.”

Alex’s previous photo exhibits, including a recent show on disabled pets, have been shared around the world. She says she uses her photography as a platform to encourage people to adopt shelter pets instead of going to a pet store or breeder.

Here’s a look at ‘Happy Pooch Face.’

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