Smile! You're Hired!

Dec 19 2017, 5:13 am

Job hunters are challenged with the worst hiring markets since the Great Depression, and the typical university degree, internship and networking just doesn’t cut it anymore. You’ve heard of job hunters seeking interview coaches, head hunters and image consultants, but what about a smile makeover? As competition at its fiercest, job seekers are considering all aspects of their candidacy including their image, in particular their smile. Professionals are realizing that their first impression is just as important as an investment in their wardrobe, or education. They know that their smile is a boost to their confidence, allowing them to focus on their work and excel in professional settings.

Even short-listed candidates often endure gruelling interview processes, and while I’m sure there are developed HR hiring practices in place, sometimes people just want to work with people who they can relate to. This means that first impressions are crucial. A survey done by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that 74% of American adults believe an unattractive smile can harm a person’s chances of career success. According to numerous articles published in reputable scientific and psychological journals, those with attractive smiles earn anywhere between 8 and 15% more than their less-attractive peers.

Dr. Daher of Fresh Smile Ortho caters to urban professionals with his clinic that is located in downtown Vancouver. His central location is only one of many benefits to professionals in Vancouver. Dr. Sam Daher is a world leader and one of the top Invisalign and Invisalign Teen doctors worldwide. He is a Faculty Speaker at Align Technology (makers of Invisalign), and lectures extensively to his peers both nationally and internationally, educating other doctors about the Invisalign technique.

Many believe that career success begins with an attractive smile and for some, that means a smile makeover which can include orthodontic treatment, teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry. A winning smile just might be the edge, that pushes one candidate ahead of another.

Note: The following is an advertorial in kind.

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