Small Business Profile: The Bachelor Plan

Dec 19 2017, 11:41 am

Bachelor party. Say those two words to any male (that’s alive) and you’ll see a look of joy and excitement in their eyes. You know, the kind of look when the Canucks win a playoff series, or when you first got to 2nd base. Remember those days.


The response is natural since men love to see topless women shake their moneymakers and the bachelor party is the final send off before a man makes the ultimate commitment of marriage. However, organizing a bachelor party is an ordeal that many men would rather not attempt. Enter Jodi Leclair and Andrea Bak, they want to make that send off memorable and organized and no they don’t actually make appearances at the party, they are the brainchild’s behind The Bachelor Plan.

These two ladies will help you organize your bachelor party so that nothing is left to chance. 9 out of 10 times nobody plans for activities before and after the strippers have done their ass shaking. It must be a genetic predisposition or something that doesn’t allow men’s organizational skills to fully function. This is especially difficult when the thought of naked women tends to dominate one’s train of thought. Can you blame us? Hell I had a hard time writing this article as visions of No. 5 orange strippers were dancing through my head.

The Bachelor Plan was started in 2005. When asked why? Jodi simply explained, “we felt as though it was a service that Vancouver was lacking. There was no service offering something unique to both Vancouver and to a bachelor party experience”. At the time poker was all the rage and the ladies saw that as niche service that can be provided via sexy topless dealers. Hallelujah. That would sure make playing poker with Skeets, Maverick, the Don and the Schwab a lot more fun.

So far this year they have done roughly 230 bookings and they plan to hit 300 parties by the end of 2008. They are also in the middle of doing their first Calendar, featuring the always classy pin-up style models. The calendar will feature the lovely girls of the Bachelor Plan and proceeds will go to charity, as Jodi exclaims, “We are women helping women and as much as we like to profit we also like to give back!!!” Vancity Buzz will have more information on the calendar as it becomes available, so check back for that sometime in the near future.

One thing that I must make clear is that the women provided by the bachelor plan do not provide other “services”. So that translates to no sex for you! If that is what you are looking for head on over to Carman Fox and friends. This is just one aspect that differentiates them from other agencies.

The services rendered by the beauties include poker parties with topless dealers, lingerie clad waitresses and massage girls (no happy ending), private dancers, strip shows and much much more. It all depends on the size of your party and the amount your cheapskate friends are willing to buck up for the event. The price range is from mid 100’s to thousands of dollars. Currently, they have fall and winter specials going on. That is one sure fire way to warm you up during the cold nights in Vancouver.

I have not forgot about our female readers, they do bachelorette parties as well.

As long as men love bare breasted beauties (more than one at time preferably) there will always be a need for services such as these provided by the wonderful women who run The Bachelor Plan. “Leave the Planning to Us!”, is their motto and I have heard nothing but good things about the services they provide. I can speak for all the guys at Vancity Buzz when I say THANK YOU. Now I’m off to the No. 5 Orange.

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Note: the pictures in this post are not of Jodi and Andrea.

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