Small Business Profile: East is East

Dec 19 2017, 11:41 am

After a one week hiatus the small business profile is back. This weeks focus is on a quaint little dhabba (eatery) in Mount Pleasant called East is East.

If anyone of you readers have traveled through the Middle East or southern Asia than you already know about the plethora of dhabba’s that line the streets. Well East is East has captured the magic and the deliciousness of the cuisine. It should be stated that it is a lot cleaner than the small eateries in Asia and Middle East, but that was to be expected.

The decor has a distinct Middle Eastern/Indian influence. The carpets, lamps and even the small wares. They have definitely captured the energy and ambiance of the small dhabba’s. Further they have live entertainment starting at 7pm, it ranges from live classical Indian, Persian, gypsy music and flamenco from Spain on the weekends. To many it may seem a bit small, I prefer to call it cozy. Moreover, if you are too busy to sit down and eat you can always use their convenient take out window.

The menu and service are exceptional. I had the “Dhaalcha”, which is roasted chunks of chicken in organic dhal soup, topped with lime, red onion and Afghan rice, served with roti. I’ve also heard great things about their lamb kebabs, chicken masala etc… there is just so much to name.

As for the prices, all I can say is that they are fair for the amount and quality of the cuisine. The service was exceptional and prompt.

If you are ever in Mount Pleasant be sure to check out this charming small eatery on Main Street. The next time I head out their I’ll try to check out the live entertainment as well.

Food: A
Atmosphere: A
Price: A
Service: A-

East is East/Chai on Main Street
4413 Main Street (Main and 26th) by antique row
Vancouver, BC

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