Slipstream: 'Netflix of Adventure Films' created in Vancouver

Feb 16 2017, 4:45 pm

A new movie streaming service built in Vancouver is being dubbed “The Netflix of Adventure Films.”

Slipstream, which was launched this week by video distribution company Reelhouse, offers users unlimited access to hundreds of adventure movies.

Keegan McColl, director of business development for Reelhouse, told Daily Hive that Slipstream was built “by a few techies in Vancouver who love the outdoors.”

“We recognized that the best adventure filmmakers in the world live here in BC, so we designed a place where they can reach new audiences and monetize in a meaningful way,” McColl said.

Reelhouse itself was founded in 2012 and offers video distribution tools for clients like Warner Bros., The Sundance Institute and A24.

And while Slipstream was just made available to the public this week, it has been in the works for the past five months.

Subscribers pay $4.99 a month for unlimited access to more than 150 curated adventure films and environmental documentaries, McColl explained.

“Our curated catalogue includes films from brands like Patagonia & Sitka, festival winners from Banff and Vancouver International Mountain Film Festivals, and guest curators like Olympian Xavier-de-le-Rue and Hazel Findlay.”

From a filmmaker’s perspective, they get to access a targeted audience, while earning royalties per view.

Viewers meanwhile can watch adventure films on their Smart TV, mobile, tablet or desktop device, with a brand new film added each week.

And while it’s still early in the game, McColl said feedback on Slipstream has been positive so far.

“We’ve high-fived as some of our heroes like Chris Burkard, Hazel Findlay and Patagonia have signed up,” McColl said.

“People are saying they’re excited about being part of a community that supports storytellers and shares their connection with the outdoors.”