SLEEPING DOGS: How UFC's George St. Pierre changed the game

Dec 19 2017, 6:01 am

You know you mean business when you call on a champion to help polish. UFC’s welterweight champion, George “Rush” St. Pierre, was invited to United Front Games to have a look at the upcoming action game “Sleeping Dogs.”

Sleeping Dogs is a story driven, visually stunning and heavily inspired by Hong Kong action movies. A large portion of it is based on martial arts and intense hand to hand combat. This video interview shows a behind the scenes view of the making of the game, and how GSP’s fighting consultation takes Sleeping Dogs’ combat to the next level.

To watch the video interview and have a sneak peak of the game, visit HERE

The game successfully recreates the streets of Hong Kong, both daytime and in the evening, which is briefly shown in this video. You’ll be able to drive around and interact with the world while battling thugs surrounded by interactive death traps that are at your disposal. The fighting system is equally challenging as it is satisfying, which is shown through GSP as he continually asks for more enemies to beat to a pulp when he gets his hands on the game. This game also boasts great gunfighting scenes and fast paced street racing in a huge open-world environment.

This ties into one of the pre-order incentives that were recently announced. Depending on where you visit to pre-order Sleeping Dogs, you will receive a different set of in-game outfits and attacks. For example, if you pre-order the game at Best Buy you will get the GSP Pack which unlocks GSP outfits, fighting upgrades and his patented “Flying Punch”.

The game will be on shelves August 14th and is available on PC, PS3 and XBOX 360. For more information on Sleeping Dogs and United Front Games visit their

For more information on the GSP Pre-Order bonus visit HERE.
For more information on the Gamestop Police Protection Pack pre-order bonus visit HERE.



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