5 dreamy gifts that will help everyone on your list sleep better

Dec 7 2020, 1:27 pm

Let’s face it: finding the right gift for everyone on your list can be tough — like, really tough. It’s all about striking that perfect balance of thoughtful and practical (i.e. something they’ll actually use).

That’s why, this year, we’re opting to gift our nearest and dearest the most universal of gifts: a good night’s sleep. If you think about it, it’s a gift that transcends just getting a solid sleep; it’s the gift of blissful mornings, strengthened immunity, bypassing the afternoon slump, and feeling like your best self.

Naturally, we’ve teamed up with the sleep experts at Sleep Country to count down some of the best — and most affordable — sleep accessories to gift your loved ones this holiday season. Oh, and while you’re at it, might as well add something to the cart for yourself — because you deserve some quality shuteye too.

Hotel Collection Sheet Set

Hotel Collection Sheet Set/@simplystyledinspo

Those luxurious sleeps, once reserved for hotel stays, can be yours every night of the week with the Hotel Collection Sheet Set.

These no-fuss sheets are so soft, getting into bed will feel cozier and more extravagant than ever. Not to mention, your bed will look as swanky as a boutique hotel room — no wake-up call needed.

BlanQuil Basic Weighted Blanket

BlanQuil Basic Weighted Blanket/Sleep Country

Exclusive to Sleep Country, the BlanQuil Weighted Blanket works wonders when it comes to reducing anxiety and improving sleep quality.

The weight of the blanket emulates deep-pressure touch therapy, which releases oxytocin — the feel-good hormone you get from hugging and cuddling — for a peaceful (tossing and turning-free) rest.

Fieldcrest Luxury Microgel Pillow

Fieldcrest Luxury Microgel Pillow/Sleep Country

Sweet dreams are literally made of these.

Created exclusively for Sleep Country, the Fieldcrest Luxury Microgel Pillow is made with a premium down-alternative for optimal comfiness and an allergy-free sleep. You’ll never want to lay your head down on anything else again.

Malouf Spooner Body Pillow

Malouf Spooner Body Pillow/@sarahcout

Prepare to have your aches and pains dissolve with the Malouf Spooner Body Pillow. The pillow was initially created to relieve discomfort for mamas-to-be, but it works just as well for side sleepers with lower back pain.

In addition to being a great substitute for a bed partner, it’s designed to help regulate body temperature and has a comfy down-alternative filling.

PÜR Silk Pillowcase and Eye Mask Set

PÜR Silk Pillowcase and Eye Mask Set/Sleep Country

Once you start sleeping with silk, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been since day one. Sure, it feels super soft and luxurious, but it doesn’t stop there. By maintaining moisture, silk also helps prevent wrinkles and keep bedhead under control.

A silky smooth sleep equals no tugging or pulling on your hair, which means you can kiss your split ends goodbye. Plus, this PÜR Silk Gift Set includes a Silk Eye Mask to help you wake up bright-eyed and well rested.

Sleep Country is so much more than just a mattress retailer. Their extensive assortment of innovative sleep essentials will take you from A to ZZZ’s so you can sleep well and stay well this holiday season.

Keep your eyes peeled for deals and promotions during Sleep Country’s Pre-Boxing Week Event, happening December 2 to 22. You can also shop the latest sleep accessories at SleepCountry.ca.

To enter to win your best sleep ever, head to @SleepCountryCan’s Instagram to participate in their contest.

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