Slant Six issues temporary layoffs

Dec 19 2017, 7:21 am

The state of the gaming industry in Vancouver and around the world is in a major transition, with that comes closures, layoffs and downsizing. Yesterday, Vancouver-based Slant Six implemented a round of temporary layoffs. This news broke around the same time it was announced that NAMCO would be opening up a studio in Vancouver. 

According to the company’s statement, “This necessary measure has been taken to reduce the size of our team and to decrease interim operating costs while we continue to negotiate new business. Temporary layoffs provide us with a time period to keep everyone’s employment position open with full benefits. The intention is to reinstate all of the people affected when new projects or funding has been secured.”

This is the third time Slant Six has resorted to temporary layoffs in the past few years. In the first instance all layed off employees were rehired. The second time around only a portion of the employees were rehired. Only time will tell how many will be return to work this time around.