SkyTrain Evergreen Line elevated track gantry crane shifts

Dec 19 2017, 10:58 am

The gantry crane used to construct the SkyTrain Evergreen Line shifted yesterday, prompting contractors and emergency crews to close the area around North Road and Foster.

Workers have since repositioned the 300-tonne crane into its proper place and the road has been reopened. The crane is used to lift and tighten pre-fabricated concrete segments of the elevated guideway into place.

The cause is not believed to be mechanical failure, the steep slope upwards could have been a factor, but it is the second construction incident to happen on the $1.4-billion project this year.

In March, a section of the nearby elevated guideway shifted about six inches, prompting road closures. Investigators at the time determined that a temporary piece of the guideway had failed, and the issue was resolved promptly.

Construction issues for projects the size of the Evergreen Line are common. The new SkyTrain extension is scheduled for a summer 2016 opening, adding 11 kilometres and six new stations to the rapid transit rail network. 50,000 daily riders are forecasted to use the new line during its first year.


Featured Image: Grant Mattice Photography