This skiers vs. snowboarders archive video is a hilarious throwback to 1985

Sep 27 2016, 4:51 am

It’s a story as old as the ski hills – skiers vs. snowboarders. And there’s an archive video doing the rounds on YouTube to prove it.

The video appears to be a CBC news item from 1985, about all us pesky snowboarders invading Vancouver’s local mountains.

“If one of these skate boards, or ski boards, or whatever they’re called, hit a person, it would break their leg,” says one unnamed ski resort operator.

“Because they’re just like a missile and most of them have no brakes on them.”

A missile. Right.

The video harks back to a time when skiers hated snowboarders, describing us as drunk, uncooperative smart alecks who just don’t get their point.

Oh, wait. The feeling’s mutual.

“The skiers just don’t like how it looks,” says one young snowboarder in the video. “They think it’s dangerous, they don’t want any new equipment or anything.”

Another snowboarder says skiers hurt people too.

“Skiing is the same way, you know. People get on skis and they think they can overcome the world.”

That’s not cutting it with the ski patroller though, who in an arguably accurate prediction, declares there will be no compromise in the future.

“Skiing is becoming more and more popular, and if these boards become more and more popular, it’s going to be more hassles and more confrontation.

“So we’d just like to say that we don’t want them at all.”


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