Skate 2 and NFS 3 Under Development by EA Black Box of Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 11:40 am

EA Black Box currently occupies the top floors of a downtown office building. Currently the staff is hard at work on a few new titles.

The first game is Skate 2. The Urban Dweller is an avid skateboarder who can be seen tearing up the streets of Vancouver after office hours, while sipping on caffeinated drinks courtesy of Red Bull. So naturally I was interested in Skate. Last year EA decided to venture into territory that in the past was dominated by Tony Hawk Pro Skater (THPS), being the worlds largest video game company would allow them to take such risks. At the time many industry insiders thought EA was off its rocker trying to compete with the juggernaut THPS. However, Skate blew away reviewers and won over the hearts of gamers with its “flick-it” control scheme. Having spent countless hours at “work” playing Skate at my office, the Urban Dweller is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Skate 2.

The game still takes place in San Vanelona (combination of San Francisco, Vancouver, and Barcelona). However, this time around the city has just been rebuilt after a mysterious disaster wiped out most of San Van. This was Black Box’s creative way of creating a completely new open-world environment in San Vanelona. Look for updated graphics, better character models, double the frame rate and a brand new trick system using the same “flick-it” controls. A release date is not available.

Also announced for release for all next gen systems is Need for Speed Undercover. EA Black Box promises to bring other elements to the game other than racing. They have secured Maggie Q to play agent Chase Linh. Her role is to oversee the players as they try to topple an international criminal organization. Look for this to hit shelves on November 18, 2008.

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Check out the original Skate intro movie.
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