Canucks Sixpack: Blackhawks down Canucks

Dec 19 2017, 8:58 pm

Wait a minute.

The Chicago Blackhawks are being featured on Rogers Hometown Hockey?!

We’ve found a Unicorn people…

If there is one thing that Sportsnet loves more than Connor McDavid, it’s the Chicago Blackhawks. I’m kidding of course. Connor McDavid will always be number one in their hearts. Well, until the “next one” comes around. Remember when Sidney Crosby used to be shoved down our throats?

On the other hand, the Blackhawks are a stellar team and if any team deserves to be overexposed to the point of nausea, it’s Chicago. They win and they win a lot.

Take tonight’s game for example…

There is no doubt that the Blackhawks played down to the Canucks. I mean, how else could you explain only winning by one goal against Vancouver?

But Chicago keeps things interesting. Just when you think the game is going to overtime, the Blackhawks decide to wake up when it counts, ending the night for Vancouver in yet another loss.

Final score: Blackhawks 3 – Canucks 2


1. Big night for Team Tank

It was a big night for Team Tank after a pretty substandard Saturday. Pretty much everyone that needed to win lost. Thankfully, the Canucks can’t seem to win against anyone these days.

Actually, it was a pretty perfect night considering the Canucks actually put effort into this game and it was downright watchable.

Over this eight game losing streak, how often can we have said that?

When Sven Baertschi scored to tie the game at two, there was a lot of concern that the Canucks were going to pick up some points. Thankfully:

Yeah, Blackhawks are good.

Biggest Team Tank power move?

Linden Vey was on the ice with Ryan Miller pulled. Exactly what has Linden Vey done in the past month that warrants him as the extra attacker?!

2. Of course is was Andrew Ladd

So who was the one to break the 2-2 tie? Of course it was Maple Ridge’s favourite son, Andrew Ladd.

That was some pretty shotty defence on display. Once again.

How you can leave Andre Ladd alone in the slot with ample time is beyond me. Then again, this has been the way it’s been all year so it’s not exactly surprising.

3. Chicago struggles?

I keep hearing that the Blackhawks have been struggling lately. Sure, not counting tonight’s results, Chicago is running with a pedestrian 5-5-2 record since acquiring Andrew Ladd a couple of days before the Trade Deadline.

But seriously, shut up.

The Blackhawks will, and always will be, just fine thank you very much.

I always wonder about the Trade Deadline because adding a bunch of players does have an effect on the dressing room, especially when you add a bigger personality like Andrew Ladd so late into the season. Chemistry is a hell of a thing.

I guess Dale Weise would count as well. Never mind the healthy scratches. He’s just biding his time before he really takes over.

Zack Morris

It takes time to adjust and if you can essentially play .500 hockey while everyone gets their stuff together, I think you’re going to be fine.

So shut up.

4. Tryamkin

There is always excitement with shiny new objects. But how often do they even provide a glimmer of hope?

I remember being excited when the Canucks signed Kellan Lain.

Who!? Exactly…

But unlike Kellan Lain, Nikita Tryamkin has been a revelation for the Vancouver Canucks. Part of that is because their defence is just the worst. There was really nowhere to go but up.

However, Tryamkin has managed to continually improve with every passing game. If Willie Desjardins is giving a player under the age of 25 gobs of ice-time (other than Bo Horvat), then it’s a bloody miracle. For his part, Tryamkin is making Willie’s distribution of ice-time look pretty damn good.

I mean, when was the last time a Canucks player rag-dolled a Chicago Blackhawk?

Sadly though, if you are a fan of the idea of Dan Hamhuis resigning with the team, I’m pretty sure that dies every time Tryamkin destroys someone.

5. Ron MacLean fails

Maybe it’s because he’s starting to reflect on his mistakes now that he’s retired, but Ron MacLean delivered one of the more laughable moments of the evening when did his best to pretend like the Alex Burrows thing never happened.

Showing his “favourite play from his 1,000th game”, Ron made it seem like he’s been a fan since day one, gushing about Burrows making his way through the ranks even though he was essentially a ball hockey player growing up.

Yeah, we Canuck fans are still a little bitter about Ron MacLean.

His favourite play, by the way, was winning a faceoff during a five on three against the St. Louis Blues. MacLean explained it was the little things that have kept Burrows in the league for over 1,000 games.

Yes, or plays like this…

I remember celebrating more than Victor Oreskovich.

Edit: I’m being told Ron MacLean isn’t retired.

Phased out is the correct term. Ron MacLean is being phased out.

6. Things get depressing

I know it has to happen, but the potential (probable) departure of Alex Burrows after the season is over is starting to give me all types of feels. Posting that video a couple of seconds ago certainly didn’t help.

How fitting though, that Burrows was able to score against the team that was the Canucks’ biggest rival during the prime of his career.

Thanks for clearing up his baseball loyalties Imac.

Part of me (the nostalgic part) wants to see Burrows play out his contract here next year. Mostly because I can’t imagine the Canucks contending for anything next year and really, what’s another 4.5 million in cap space on the fourth line eh?

But I’m also a realist and understand that Trevor Linden and Jim Benning are going to do their best to put together a hockey team that’s capable of making the playoffs.

Unfortunately, that will be a Alex Burrows’ expense.

I hope that’s not the end.


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