Sixgill shark seen swimming in Howe Sound waters (VIDEOS)

Dec 19 2017, 11:58 am

Yes, sharks swim in B.C. waters, specifically in Howe Sound just northwest of the Metro Vancouver region.

According to the Vancouver Aquarium, Nuytco Research Limited’s scuba divers recently recorded footage of sixgill sharks swimming deep in the waters.

Researchers say the sharks are new to Howe Sound as scuba taxonomy records from 1964 onward were very detailed for the sound and network of fjords. Records did not indicate any trace of the species.

Prior to the severe La Nina of 2010/2011 season, there have never been sightings of sixgill sharks in local waters. The species is potentially dangerous, with males reaching 11 feet long in length and females as much as 16 feet.

If you see a shark in local waters, the researchers at the Vancouver Aquarium want to know. You can report your sighting by email at [email protected]

September 3, 2014 sighting: Sixgill shark in Howe Sound

[youtube id=”EWpL8aTxSak”]

August 2012 sighting: Sixgill shark in Kelvin Grove, West Vancouver

[youtube id=”rCITgI33uUc”]

July 2011 sighting: Sixgill shark in Ansell Place, West Vancouver

[youtube id=”eqFFq2b8Uu0″]


Feature Image: Jessica Schultz / Vancouver Aquarium