Single in Vancouver: Vancouver personality types and where they hang out

Dec 19 2017, 9:32 am

Find yourself, find your type and find out where they are hiding in Vancouver!

The Hipster: Low maintenance yet trendy in an unintentional way, the Hipster stereotypically drinks beer, wears plaid, sports oversized glasses (sometimes without an actual prescription) and rides a bike. Seemingly friendly, easy going, creative and artsy, Hipsters often congregate in the following areas of town: Main Street, Commercial Drive, Gastown, Chinatown and Kits.

The Foodie: The Foodie appreciates all things delicious and is likely thrilled that Vancouver has some great eats. Needless to say, this type prefers to spend their time in the areas of town that provide endless yet noteworthy dining options. Some might say the Foodies of our city consider themselves to be experts in the area of cookery. Those who live to eat can be located in the following areas of town: Main Street, Commercial Drive, Gastown, Kits, Yaletown and the West End.

The Music Lover: Maybe they are a musician, perhaps they are in the industry or maybe they just know a hell of a lot more about music than you do. The Music Lover is constantly searching for upcoming shows and music not many have heard of. They will entertain with their record collection or impressive playlists and inspire you with their knowledge and passion. Where live music goes, they will follow; the Music Lover can found in the following areas of town: Main Street, Commercial Drive, Gastown and a few gem venues in East Vancouver.

The Coffee Snob: You think you know your coffee? A Coffee Snob despises Starbucks and will look down on you for having a cup in hand. With coffee knowledge you didn’t know existed, the coffee enthusiast will show you where to find the best coffee in this city. Where the best coffee shops reside, the Coffee Snob can be found sipping on a cup of joe on Main Street, Commercial Drive, in Gastown, Kits, the West End and South Granville.

The Pretentious: Giving all of Vancouver a bad name, The Pretentious snobs are those you see staring down innocent residents. With their noses up and their opinions pointed even higher, The Pretentious will and have already made you feel bad about something in your life. Thinking they are all that and a bag of chips, the Pretentious can be located in: Gastown, Yaletown, Kits and Granville Street.

The Quirky: Artsy and eccentric, these quirky Vancouverites can’t help but make our city a better place. Their attitudes are positive and their creative abilities often impressive, The Quirky hang in the quirkiest areas of our city: Main Street, Commercial Drive, Gastown, South Granville/Granville Island, the West End and Kits.

The Clubber: Wearing short skirts in the height of winter, The Clubber reminds us of our younger selves. Fans of house and techno music The Clubber enjoys a packed dance floor on most occasions. Keeping late night eats in business, the clubbers of our city can be located in the following areas of town: Graville Street (the club district) and Yaletown.

The Craft Beer Enthusiast: They know their beer and they know where to find it in our city: Commercial Drive, Olympic Village, Main Street, Gastown, Yaletown and Kits.

The Professional: Capitalists, entrepreneurs and all other businessmen/women combined, The Professionals often indulge in a post work beverage with clients or coworkers. Dressed in business wear, they often stay central or in the business district of our city but sometimes venture out: Yaletown, South Granville, Granville Street, Kits and Gastown.

The Pot Head: Keeping our city smelling of local bud, The Pot Head ventures anywhere with a nice view. We may assume we know who the pot heads are but chances are some hide it well. Main Street, Commercial Drive, Gastown, the West End, Kits and pretty much everywhere else.

The Fashionista: Always dressed to impress, The Fashionistas of Vancouver walk the streets like runways. Able to throw about anything together and make it look great, these fashion lovers make our city look a little more presentable. Find them strutting their stuff in the following areas: Main Street, Gastown, Yaletown, South Granville, Robson Street and Kits.

The Intellectual: They are intelligent, often sophisticated and enjoy a good book – they are The Intellectuals. Studying, observing and analyzing without even trying, the intellectuals are the academics and brains of our city: Main Street, Commercial Drive, Gastown, the West End, South Granville and Kits.

The Animal Lover: Maybe they are several of these personalities combined but first and foremost they are pet obsessed. Dressing their dogs in winter sweaters and talking to them like children, The Animal Lovers of Vancouver make up a large majority of the population. With a mild winter and so many beautiful parks and beaches, it’s no surprise. The Animal Lovers are all around us: Main Street, Gastown, Yaletown, South Granville, Commercial Drive, the West End and Kits.

The Nature Lover: The majority of Vancouver residents appreciate the beauty of our city. Some of us prefer to stay indoors during the rain or the winter months but not these Nature Lovers. Outside at any moment possible, hiking on every opportunity and camping as soon as it’s warm enough – these folks wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world: Commercial Drive, the West End, South Granville/Granville Island and Kits.

The Exercise and Health Junkie: Yoga, hikes, Pilates, running – what don’t they do? The Health and Exercise Junkies eat organically, wouldn’t set foot in a McDonalds and keep Lululemon in business: Yaletown, the West End, Kits and South Granville.

The Roids and Ed Hardy Fan: see The Clubber for further details.

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