Single in Vancouver: The Roxy

Single in Vancouver? Well then I can only assume you’ve been to the Roxy. This distinct Granville street institution draws in the intoxicated singles of our city for one explicit reason – it’s always a good time.

Say what you will about the Roxy, there’s no denying the potential for an alcohol-induced hookup. Perhaps the wrong place to meet your future husband or wife, 932 Granville Street is consistently filled with single men and women who help assist in local notoriety.

 Single Suggestions:

– Have a drink or two before hand: The Roxy is not the place to sip your first cocktail and chat about your long workweek. Not to mention, there are generally long lines on the weekends (always easier to wait in a line when intoxicated) leading me to my next important piece of advice…..

– Talk to the bouncer:  As a single woman, I have to admit that I have flirted my way past a line or two. I don’t suggest you hike up your skirt and make a fool of yourself alongside a line of patiently waiting patrons, I recommend an innocent batting of your lashes and perhaps a polite attempt at weaseling your way to the front.

– Budget for cover: Be sure to bring cash for cover, you don’t want to be that friend who promises to “take out money inside” and buy the cash lender a drink (which of course you won’t end up doing.)

– Don’t wear a coat unless you want to tackle the distress of the Roxy’s coat check: Directly at the back of the bar is the coat check line, which is conveniently located beside one of three bars and is an avoidable annoyance.

Once you’ve persevered through the front door and coat check, take your choice of bar and get your single night out rolling. The first bar, located directly beside the front door, offers seating at bar stools, booths alongside the exposed brick wall and tables to the right of the stage where I can admit I’ve met a single man or two (or three.) With two bars located in the rear, it’s safe to say men and women are staggered throughout the place awaiting their opportunity to slur out an over used pickup line.

As the locally renowned Joe’s Garage covers hits inspiring us drunken folk to embarrassingly get down to on the d floor, those that can’t contain themselves make out publicly (horrifying and at times entertaining those around them) against walls, bar tops, speakers and the backs of people too drunk to notice.

Smokers unite outside the entrance (within the legal guidelines) to join in on and request songs played by street performers who are sick of me requesting Champagne Supernova by Oasis. The Roxy has developed a reputation as THE place to meet singles in Vancouver (if you’re looking for a hookup or something casual… usually for that night and only that night.)  If you survive to the point of the bar lights turning on, I, for one, salute you, and two, question your addiction and ability to handle alcohol. The Roxy has always been on my personal list of where to meet singles in Vancouver; therefore I’m happy to officially add it to the Vancity Buzz series!


Image  by VanCityVilla