Single in Vancouver - The best view in Kits, and I don’t mean the beach

Dec 19 2017, 6:14 am

Just steps away from Kits Beach, The Local Public Eatery not only provides a view of the water, but a view of Vancouver’s most attractive residents.

Conveniently situated on the corner of Cornwall, consider this your casual post-beach hangout or pre- Friday night “hot spot”. Choosing to wear high heels and tower over the general public, I fit in well with the other ladies out on the prowl, but feel free to wear jeans and a t-shirt as the dress code is your choice. Whether you take a seat on the large outdoor patio to scope out the beach bodies alongside your cocktail, or sit inside with a perfectly pleasant view of the oh so handsome bartenders, I promise you are in for a treat.

Offering up a delish selection of food drinks and eye candy, Local may just be the ideal mix of ingredients needed for a singles night out. Starting my night off with the Red Truck Lager, I determined the only possible option was partnering my beer with a poutine – which of course only made my night out that much better. After stealing a sip of my friend’s “Kung Fu Punch” served in a boot, I must say it was one of the best cocktails I’ve had in quite some time. I can’t help but mention that Local’s Caesars are served with a stick of pepperoni, which may not be great for your breath while attempting to pick up other singles, but in my opinion is a great addition to the traditional Caesar. Drinks served in a large glass shaped like a boot are ideal for those classic photos women love to take while out at the bar.

Full by 9 pm with tables of single men and women, this place is no secret on the weekend. Being single in Vancouver, I find it’s rare that a man will approach a large group of women, but at Local there was no shortage of male confidence as shots were being sent over to my table of seven women. Although this spot was once known for an abundance of attractive men, which may or may not have something to do with the gorgeous waiting staff, it seems the women of this city are catching on. After constant female chatter about Local being a great “pick up spot” I felt obligated to determine if that was in fact true. I can confidently say that the Local Public Eatery is a great spot to meet singles in Vancouver. My Friday night out at Local has led me to award The Local Public Eatery as having the most attractive staff in Vancouver. Great food, drinks and attractive staff  – What more can a single in the city ask for?

Local Public Eatery
2210 Cornwall Avenue  Vancouver
(604) 734-3589

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Image: Vancouver Bars