Single In Vancouver: Attention Single Scholars

Single scholars in Vancouver, whether you’re fourteen and in high school gym class or twenty-five headed to yet another long lecture, it’s hard to not relate to having a school crush. Flirting in class, asking questions to get their attention, attempting to look good every day to catch their eye, it doesn’t stop at high school graduation. Sure, we aren’t all current students, but those of us who are currently in the midst of surviving post secondary education might as well take advantage of the single selection.

University, college, wherever you and your life happen to reside, is a great place to meet singles for several reasons:

Common interests: Those who are in a specific program tend to enjoy what ever the area of study may be. Let’s just say there’s some hottie you’ve been checking out for a few weeks, why not spark a boring school conversation to start things off? At least you know you have that subject in common.

Comfortable Setting: For one, being in school full-time results in looking pretty rough on a daily basis – sweat pants, high buns and Ugg boots become your go-to for comfort. If someone finds you attractive in that state then consider yourself lucky. If you were to casually spark a conversation with a classmate that led to more, it would be much more natural and comfortable compared to say, a blind date or a bar pickup.

Opportunities: There are countless opportunities to meet single people while in school, besides sitting alongside the opposite sex in the classroom, you can thank group projects for forcing you to speak to people you may not have approached otherwise. How about pulling the classic: asking for help when you don’t actually need it (because you want an excuse to sit close to someone.) When in certain programs, it seems people develop friendships and often end up going out on weekends with group members – this may give you an opportunity to show someone a different side of yourself, maybe the chance to talk about something other than up coming exams, maybe even that opportunity you’ve been looking for to get that person alone… who knows where the night could take you.

It’s important I bring attention to the possibility of it not working out the way you’d like, and things becoming awkward post attempted pickup – be careful not to majorly creep out someone you have to see in the future.

Mutual Understanding: With school comes homework, projects, hours of studying and  other demands that make it almost impossible to date or have time for sex with anyone other than your hand. Trying to date someone who has never been in school, with no real understanding of how busy you actually are, is merely impossible. I can now say that being too needy and dating a full-time student before I had ever taken a class myself led to fights about time management that finally led to the end of that relationship.  No one understands you like someone in the exact same position as yourself – study together, take time apart when you both need it, have the occasional sex study break.

Convenience: We all know that too much time with a partner can be overwhelming, but it sure would be convenient to hitch a ride daily, have someone to meet you for a coffee break, have someone to help you with homework – might as well take advantage of anything that makes your life easier, right?

I’m not suggesting that everyone go apply to the post-secondary institute of choice, or hunt for first year students at the BCIT bar or SFU library. If you’re already a student with little hope of finding someone to date , I’m here to tell you that your future match might be right in front of your eyes, blocking the black board. If you’re thinking to yourself  “I’ve been in school for years, yet I’m single and never get hit on,” perhaps wear a pair of jeans for a change, put on a little makeup, maybe shower and see where that takes you.