Single in Vancouver: Solitude and Social Media

Dec 19 2017, 3:03 pm

Single in Vancouver? We live in a city that seems to be dependent on technology, social media and a reliable umbrella just to get by. Where it was once necessary to network through face-to-face conversation, phones plugged into the walls of our homes and hand written letters, Vancouverites now bank on social media, phones that never leave our side and emails thoroughly spell checked. Although the days of direct human contact seem to be joining 90s music, side pony-tails and VHS movies as a thing of the past, we are now offered a means of online communication that, if utilized, can potentially assist you in the world of romance.

The majority of us (under the age of 40), are familiar with social media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Checking Facebook has become a daily task so common that we often forget what life was like before hand- when msn was “cool.” We all get the fact that you can locate friends, coworkers and family members, developing social and professional contacts through the sites listed above. What most of us don’t realize is there is also ability to connect romantically.

Maybe I sound crazy, suggesting you use social media to get a date, gain a notch on the belt or develop a long-term relationship, but it may just be the sanest suggestion I’ve had yet. Online dating is an obvious and well known source to flourish in the dating world because sites provide singles with the tools and introduction process. Social Media is as simple as that. Beside the fact that at base it has absolutely nothing to do with dating, Social Media unknowingly provides us with the same tools- to connect, to network to find someone.

Yes, it can come across as extremely creepy. Stalking someone you don’t know via Facebook or any other Social Media site is not at all what I recommend. You don’t want to seek out someone you find attractive, add them to your every desired site and scare the absolute crap out of them. You want to utilize your options: use the sites as a starting point, a way to reach out to someone you know, to make initial contact.

Facebook is a stalker’s dream and a recluse’s nightmare. You can add someone, creep their photos, scan through their friends, and all other things “psycho” and “stalkerish”. Unfortunately Vancouver is a small city resulting in way too many friends in common when adding a potential candidate. It is both refreshing and rare to meet someone new who you assume knows none of the same people, until you of course add them to Facebook only to find out they’ve dated 10 girls from your high school and are best friends with your ex-boyfriend.

You’re single; use every tool that is available and free. Remember not to stalk, not to come on too strong or too creepy and remember to step up and make the move- you may just make a new romantic connection.

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