Single in Vancouver: Single for Valentine’s Day

Dec 19 2017, 3:02 pm

Single in Vancouver?  A day to celebrate love; an abundance of heart shaped candies, boxes of chocolates that will be on sale by the 15th, body paint, edible panties, teddy bears that no adult should own, overpriced flowers, dinner at a table pushed up to a couple you don’t know because all restaurants will be over occupied…. what a romantic holiday it is. Valentine’s Day is designed to force men into meeting unrealistic expectations; it’s a day where all women ask “what did he buy me?” as their boyfriends quickly run to the nearest convenient store because where else can you get chocolates, flowers, condoms and gum all in one go. Someone somewhere decided to turn Valentine’s Day into my nightmare and I personally blame Hallmark.

Is Valentine’s Day a holiday aimed to torture all singles? (I’ve asked myself time and time again). Although it is blatantly discriminatory toward anyone without a partner, I choose to look at February 14th as a day to save money, wear unsexy lingerie, cuddle teddy bears I gifted to myself and eat chocolates I purchased. But in all seriousness, V day is not a day to feel sorry for yourself because you aren’t in a relationship.

You can choose to look at it how ever you please, being single that is, but those of you who are trying to drag us to your pity party, you should soon realize: that party sucks and no one wants the invite. (It’s the party lacking any fun or entertainment, the party with no free booze, the party where you have to take your shoes off and leave by 10, the party nobody shows up to). There are people who give singles this depressing title when in reality we live it up- we stay out later, drink a little more, fight a little less, we are the friend who is always available, the friend who lacks a sex life but embraces it. We aren’t all Bachelor contestants who come across as bipolar and psychotic- we aren’t ALL crazy, we don’t all cry over men we’ve known for three days, we don’t all feel sorry for ourselves or assume that we will be alone forever and, most importantly, not all of us consider being single to be a curse or a bad thing at all.

Just because Hallmark tells you that on February 14th you should be in a relationship receiving gifts, Vancity Buzz is here to tell you to embrace the single life and celebrate the holiday in your own single way! Get together with others who are also being tortured by all things red, pink and romantic.

There are a few advantages to being single on Valentine’s Day, one being the bar and club scene. It’s safe to say all couples will be busy eating cinnamon hearts, so why not grab a drink and chat with the people who haven’t spent their day writing poems about love. Bars and clubs are the place to meet singles on V day- you will find me offering hugs, high fives and shots to those who share my opinion.

I, for one, am relieved to not have to go buy red lace lingerie and then strip, to spend my money on things for myself and not a card that will likely be thrown out the next day, to not receive a teddy bear at the age of 22, to shout “No Hallmark, I will not encourage this madness!” On behalf of Vancity Buzz: Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone who lacks a “valentine”. Hope you treat yourself right.

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