Single in Vancouver: Single for the Holidays

Single in Vancouver? Mix yourself a rum & eggnog and enjoy the holiday season single style. Someone (and I’m not sure who… but I’d like a word with him or her) got it in their mind that a holiday based on religion should be a holiday filled with romantic gestures and sappy Christmas songs – I blame it all on Hallmark and Love Actually. It’s assumed (because society thinks being alone is a bad thing) that us singles tend to be depressed around the holidays. This may be true for some but not all; I for one believe this season is about spending time with family, spending time on my couch and spending the majority of my time drunk while wearing Christmas attire. Time to join in on this holiday cheer!

Buy for whom you love most:

Gift exchange is soon approaching therefore I should really get on buying myself something special. When in a relationship you are obligated (unless you’ve decided to not exchange gifts) to spend money on your significant other. Singles on the other hand get to treat themselves to something nice. Whatever the choice may be, I’m willing to bet that you’ll like the gift (in contrast to couples who are forcing themselves to come across as happy about what the other person picked out).

Make the most out of your time off:

With more free time you have the opportunity to:

  • sleep in
  • watch more PVR’d television
  • go out with fellow singles

If you spot someone alone at a bar from December 24-27, I have a hunch they are single, an alcoholic, or awaiting their date’s arrival.

  • drink in the day time
  • eat Christmas baked goods and chocolates

Holiday weight gain… you might as well embrace it seeing as no one will see you naked. Let’s celebrate that with a chocolate shall we?

  • watch romantic holiday movies and cry
  • build a snowman alone
  • tweet your emotions
  • explain to your Grandma why you’re still single

Spend time with family:

They love us when no one else does, they put up with the habits that cause us to be single, they are honest no matter how much the truth may hurt, they embarrass us at all times – they are family. The holidays are meant for forced conversation about your future, bonding over your second serving of dessert, hanging out with people over the age of 65 and realizing that you will be your mother when you grow up.

So what if you have no date for dinner, this is good news for the following reasons:

  • You don’t have to worry about ensuring someone else is “comfortable”, “has a drink”, “has enough food”, “hasn’t been harassed by a family member”, “still loves you after enduring a German Christmas Eve.”
  • You don’t have to be on your best behavior. Get as drunk and embarrassing as you please – only your family will judge.
  • You can eat as much as you want- go back for 5ths! Let’s face it, post Christmas dinner fullness is not the time you feel sexy. Unbutton your pants and stay awhile.

The notion that all singles hate the holidays and become increasingly depressed around Christmas mostly false. We –the collected single population of Vancouver- need to show the world that we love the holidays (whether or not we sleep alone, cry on random occasions and indulge in substance abuse is besides the point).

This is a time for family, Christmas drinks at Starbucks, gaining 5 pounds (which on the bright side keeps you warm), wearing ugly sweaters, receiving socks and undies, stressing out your mother while she cooks, forcing your animals to wear Christmas related outfits and so much more- enjoy it!

From all of us at Vancity Buzz, happy holidays!